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Modify central distribution list owners in Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Owners of a distribution list are able to modify how the list works and what email addresses the list goes to.

Please note...

  • It is advisable to have at least two owners to a list in case the other person is unavailable to make necessary changes.
  • If you are an owner of a list and no longer wish be an owner, then you will need to get another person with owner rights to remove you.

Before you start...

  • You will need to be a registered owner of the distribution list to perform these changes.
  • Check your browser compatibility to ensure you meet the minimum requirements for using OWA.


  1. While signed in to Outlook Web Access, visit the distribution group management portal.
  2. Under distribution groups I own, select the list you want to change, then select Edit (visible as a pencil icon). Alternatively you can also open the list details by double clicking on it.
  3. A new window will open with details about your central distribution list. Select Ownership from the left-hand pane.

Add owners

  1. Within Ownership, beneath Owners, select Add (visible as a plus (+) icon).
  2. You will be prompted to search for the new owner from a list of available contacts. Select Default Global Address List. In the Search this list of contacts field, type the name, user ID or email address of the new member.
  3. Once you have found the person you want to add, select the name and then select Add (visible as a plus (+) icon) next to the name.
  4. The chosen account will be added beneath the Owners heading. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for any other new members. Select Save.
  5. You will be returned to the Ownership section with the newly specified owners listed. Select Save to apply.

Remove owners

  1. Within Ownership, beneath Owners, select the person you wish to remove. Select Remove (visible as a minus (-) icon).
  2. Select Save to apply.

Tip: You can remove more than one person at once within the Ownership section. To select a list of adjacent users, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and while pressed, select the top and below entry within the required selection. To select multiple non-adjacent users, hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard whilst selecting the names you wish to remove.

Note: If you remove or add the wrong people, click on Cancel in the bottom right of the window. This will exit the list without saving any changes.

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