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Drupal CMS: Related and latest content

Learn about options for displaying related content on news and events and other feedable content items in Drupal.

Related and latest content for news and events

When you create a news or event item, the 'show related content' tickbox is checked by default.

This means that for all news stories, three related news stories will be displayed and this is the same for events.

Related content (with the same org unit tag) appears immediately below the main content and is randomly displayed to avoid showing the three most recent items.

If you wish to disable related content for news and events you, can untick this when you create new items.

Displaying different types of related content across all feedable content types

There are also a number of configuration options for displaying related content for case studies, events, news, policies, publications, research projects.

This is a site-wide setting but you can still choose whether or not to display latest or related content by checking or unchecking the 'show related/latest content'.

You can request this configuration from web-support@ucl.ac.uk

To help us configure your website please tell us the following:

  1. On each content type, how many items of that same content type or other content types from the list above do you wish to display in a feed? E.g. On all news stories show 2 news, 2 events and 1 case study.
  2. Do you want to filter by just org units (usually single org unit, but in some cases a post is tagged with multiple org units, i.e. showing any news/events/case studies etc from any of the org units that appear as tags, OR filter by org units *AND* subjects which then shows content that is more relevant to the subject of the item.
  3. Do you want to show the 'latest' items, or 'random items'?
    If you choose 'latest', then these will be the same across the site - the same related content will show on all items according to your choices.
    If you choose 'random', the related content is different as it is filtered by relevance according to the tags.

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