UCL Institute of Ophthalmology



Dr Rebecca Bolton

Rebecca studied the role of novel genes involved in vascular development.

Dr James T. Brash

Research Associate

James studied the molecular mechanisms that regulate vascular permeability.

Dr Franziska Bucher, MD

Honorary Research Associate and DFG Fellow

Franziska is interested in mechanisms of corneal innervation and angiogenesis in health and disease.

Dr Sara Campinoti

Dr Alessia Caramello

Dr Anna Cariboni

Dr Raphael Castellan

Research Associate

Raphael studied the role of angiogenesis in cardiac repair and regeneration.

Ms Vasiliki Chantzara

Dr Camille Charoy

Research Associate and EMBO Fellow

Camille studied neural stem cells in the peripheral nervous system. 

Dr Rosa Maria Correra

Research Associate

Rosa Maria studied the role of blood vessels in the neural stem cell niche.

Dr Kathryn Davidson

Ms Laura Denti

Research Technician 

Laura contributed to projects on retinal angiogenesis in development and disease.

Dr Alessandro Fantin

Research Associate

Alessandro studied the molecular mechanisms that gate VEGF signalling into angiogenic, arteriogenic and vascular permeability pathways.

Alessandro Fantin

Dr Brett Hosking

Mr Andy Joyce

Andy contributed to projects on retinal axon guidance and neural stem cells.

Dr Anastasia Lampropoulou 

Research Associate

Anastasia studied the role of RHO GTPases and gene transcription in angiogenesis.

Anastasia Lampropoulou

Dr Charlotte Maden

Dr Francesca McKenzie 

Dr Ariadna Navarro-Aragall


Ariadna studied molecular mechanisms of heart and lung development.

Ariadna Navarro-Aragall

Dr Kirsty Naylor


Kirsty examined the role of the NRP1 molecule in regulating lung morphogenesis.

Dr Alice Plein

Research Associate and British Heart Foundation fellow

Alice studied great vessel remodelling and endothelial progenitors in developmental angiogenesis.

Alice Plein

Dr Claudio Raimondi

Research Associate and British Heart Foundation Fellow

Claudio defined the role of NRP1 signalling pathways in vascular endothelial cells.

Dr Quenten Schwarz

Dr Valentina Senatore 

Research Technician

Valentina contributed to projects that define the molecular regulation of vascular permeability pathways.

Dr Mathew Tata

Research Associate

Mathew studied roles for blood vessels in the neural stem cell niche.

Dr Miguel Tillo

Dr Joaquim Vieira

Dr Ivan Wall

Ms Yaiza Yuste

Research Technician

Yaiza supported projects on angiogenesis and vascular permeability.