UCL Institute of Ophthalmology



Professor Christiana Ruhrberg

Professor of Neuronal and Vascular Biology, Wellcome Trust Investigator 

Principal Investigator (IRIS profile)

Christiana Ruhrberg

Dr James T. Brash

Research Associate

James studies the molecular mechanisms that regulate vascular permeability.

James Brash

Dr Giovanni Canu

Research Associate

Giovanni is interested in vascular and blood development, and in using human iPSCs for tissue revascularisation.

Giovanni Canu

Dr Gabriela D’Amico

Research Associate

Gabi is interested in molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate blood vessel growth in the brain and retina.

Gabriela D'Amico

Ms Laura Denti

Research Technician 

Laura contributes to projects on retinal angiogenesis in development and disease.

Laura Denti

Ms Elena Ioannou

PhD Student 

Elena studies the molecular regulation of great vessel formation and remodelling in order to understand the cause of congenital heart defects, using transgenic mouse models.

Elena Ioannou

Ms Victoria Rashbrook

PhD Student

Victoria studies mechanisms that influence angiogenesis in ischemia.

victoria rashbrook

Ms Tsvetana Stoilova

PhD Student

Tsveti elucidates mechanisms that regulate blood vessel growth in the mouse and human lung.


Ms Yaiza Yuste

Research Technician

Yaiza supports projects on angiogenesis and vascular permeability.

Yaiza Yuste

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