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Our transformative research in ophthalmology and eye health brings together scientists, clinicians and patients to make a real difference to people’s lives.
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Research themes

Find out about our four research themes covering different aspects of research around vision - from neuroscience to big data.

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Research labs and groups

Read about some of the labs, groups and active projects at the IoO.

Ophthalmology facilities

Our facilities

Find out about our unique scientific and academic facilities, as well as guidance on using our facilities. 

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Postgraduate research degrees

Ophthalmic and bioscience research degrees led by world-renowned experts. Our main areas of focus are ageing and disease, repair and regeneration and new ways to assess vision.


NIHR Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre

The Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre is a partnersip between Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.