UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


Research labs

The UCL Institute of Ophthalmology has many research labs, groups and active projects. Some of these have their own websites which you can browse to find out about their specific areas of research, opportunities to collaborate and more.
Amanda Carr Lab

Carr Lab

Led by Dr Amanda Carr

Child vision lab

Child Vision Lab

Led by Dr Tessa Dekker

Cortex Lab image


Led by Prof Matteo Carandini and Prof Kenneth Harris

Glial Biology lab image

Glial Biology Lab

Led by Dr Ryan MacDonald

Gus Gazzard LiGHT study
Moosajee Lab icon image

Moosajee Lab

Led by Prof Mariya Moosajee


Ruhrberg Lab

Led by Prof Christiana Ruhrberg

Visual Plasticity Lab

Visual Plasticity Lab

Led by Dr Jennifer Sun

Image for van der Spuy lab

van der Spuy Lab

Led by Dr Jacqui van der Spuy

Colourful image

Bailly Lab

Led by Prof Maryse Bailly

Colourful image

Inherited corneal disease lab

Led by Associate Professor Alice Davidson 

Picture for Eden lab

Eden Lab

Led by Dr Emily Eden

Picture for Futter Lab

Futter Lab

Led by Prof Clare Futter

Image of a reteval recording on a patient

Human retinal function lab

Led by Prof Omar Mahroo

Research groups and collaborations

Glaucoma and Retinal Neurodegenerative Disease Research group

The process of neurodegeneration is implicated in several degenerative diseases of the retina. These include glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and some inherited retinal disorders. The group's work is focused on mechanisms of neurodegeneration and subsequent loss of vision, particularly the early diagnosis and management of age-related neurodegenerative processes. 

A collaboration between the laboratories of Professors Robin Ali, James Bainbridge, Michel Michaelides and Rachael Pearson.