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Working at the Institute

Jobs at UCL IoO

Job opportunities

Find out more about what jobs are available here at the Institute of Ophthalmology                                                                                     

Staff Benefits at IoO

Staff Benefits and Wellbeing

Working as part of the Institute and of UCL as a wider community brings with it multiple benefits, schemes, and working practices to ensure your wellbeing          

Careers at IoO

Careers and Mentoring

We offer a number of events to help you further your career, from grant writing workshops to career surgeries. We also have a mentoring scheme for all staff      

Mentoring at IoO

Dignity at Work

The Institute of Ophthalmology fosters a positive cultural climate where all staff and students can flourish and be their authentic selves                      

Networks at IoO


Here at the Institute of Ophthalmology we have a number of networks to encourage support from peers and also enable effective group communication to senior members

Parents and Carers at IoO

Parents and Carers

Whether you are a parent or a carer, there are a number of policies and arrangements that are in place to aid your working                                        

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Equality Challenge

Find out what we're doing to promote equality and diversity across the institute.