UCL Institute of Ophthalmology



Here at the Institute of Ophthalmology we have a number of networks for staff and students to socialise and collaborate

Post-doc Network

Post-doc network meeting

The post-doc network has been set up by a group of post-docs at the Institute to arrange events such as talks, regular coffee mornings and a mini symposium. The aim of this is to foster the sharing of ideas, experiences and expertise, bringing together post-docs from differing academic areas to create a strong community.

Come to our coffee mornings. Every second Monday of each month in the common room, 10.30am-11.30am.

To find out more about our events or join our mailing list, please email our committee team members: Karen (Chairperson) (k.eastlake@ucl.ac.uk), Tasi (a.lampropoulou@ucl.ac.uk), Martha (martha.robinson@ucl.ac.uk), Paromita (p.majumder@ucl.ac.uk), Cami (c.charoy@ucl.ac.uk), Rosa (r.correra@ucl.ac.uk) and Fran (f.pool@ucl.ac.uk)

Women in Vision UK

The Women in Vision UK (WVUK) network has been set up to promote connections between women working in all fields related to Vision, to foster collaborations and mentoring, and overall increase our female profile.

Our network is aimed broadly to all women working in and around vision, from basic research to clinical practice. We hope to use the network as a dynamic and lively tool to promote contacts and disseminate information and support tools, particularly for early career researchers.

Appreciative audience at the Women in Vision UK Inaugural meeting