UCL Institute of Ophthalmology


Dignity at Work

The Institute of Ophthalmology (IoO) fosters a positive cultural climate where all staff and students can flourish and be their authentic selves. The Prevention of Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct policy protects staff and students from unacceptable behaviours. This policy is designed to ensure a safe, welcoming, and inclusive working and learning environment for all members of the UCL community. Bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct are unacceptable behaviours and contrary to the Equality Act 2010 and/or the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, and to UCL’s ethos and mission. Support and advice are available for staff and students experiencing or witnessing bullying, harassment or discrimination.

Code of Conduct

All staff and students are expected to behave according to the priniciples displayed in the IoO Culture Charter:

  1. Welcome newcomers to the IoO
  2. Treat everyone kindly, respectfully, and professionally
  3. Be approachable, friendly, and collaborative
  4. Support others to enable them to reach their potential with minimum stress
  5. Ensure my behaviour does not make anyone feel harassed or bullied
  6. Offer support to anyone in distress or in need of help
  7. Not abuse any authority that has been entrusted to me
  8. Welcome feedback on my commitment to the Charter

All staff and students are responsible for ensuring that they behave in an appropriate manner, showing respect for each other and anyone working alongside or engaged with the UCL community.

Inappropriate behaviour may be verbal or written, intentional or unintentional. Comments or actions made outside the standard workplace, such as on work related social events or via social media, that impact on work can be subject to UCL disciplinary procedures. 

What to do if you are victim of bullying, harassment or sexual violence

If you feel you are being bullied or harassed, you should take action by speaking to someone: a friend, colleague, your line manager, or anyone you trust

“Many people delay seeking advice. They often finish the first meeting with a comment such as ‘I wish I had spoken to someone about this sooner.”

(Dr Caroline Selai, Dignity at Work Advisor)

We encourage you to report any behaviour that you feel is inappropriate through the UCL report + support platform. You can report anonymously, where you will not be asked to provide any personal information and you can remain anonymous. Information provided will be used for monitoring purposes and will not begin any investigation or formal processes. Alternatively, you may choose to report with contact details, where the information you submit will be shared with an advisor who will contact you within 5 working days. For more details about the reporting process, please watch this video. The UCL report + support platform also provide useful information about:

  • UCL support for staff and students
  • External support
  • Advisors you can speak to
  • Reporting guidance
  • Supporting someone else
  • Changing behaviours
  • Data and research

Additionally, students may wish to speak to an IoO Departmental Graduate Tutor about any aspect of their experience. Please contact Jacqui van der Spuy (j.spuy@ucl.ac.uk), Virginia Calder (v.calder@ucl.ac.uk) or Karl Matter (k.matter@ucl.ac.uk). 

Please remember that doing nothing condones harassment – protecting a bully is not a strategy for protecting the department or institution.

What to do if you witness bullying or harassment

If you witness any bullying or harassment, please see the guidelines for bystanders.



If you are a manager of someone who reports bullying or harassment behaviour, you can take some simple steps to help – see Guidelines for Managers. Managers have particular responsibility for setting standards and ensuring appropriate workplace behaviours are maintained. They should set a good example and ensure concerns raised are acted upon.



The Full Stop Campaign

The UCL Full Stop campaign aims at putting a Full Stop to bullying and harassment and sexual misconduct to create a supportive and inclusive environment at UCL. 

Here at IoO, the Full Stop team helps to raise awarenss about bullying and harassment, to signpost avenues for reporting and support and to foster an inclusive and positive environment. 

In the two documents below, you will find information about:

  • The Full Stop Campaign
  • Definition of bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct
  • Intoduction to the IoO Full Stop team
  • How you can get invovled
  • FAQ

poster text - bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct in the working and learning environment are never acceptable. if you see or experience unacceptable behaviour use report and support to tell us about it. report-support.ucl.ac.uk