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Partnering opportunities

UCL has different channels for reaching out to industrial partners or being contacted by them. They are all equivalent. The message will be centralised and conveyed to the most appropriate manager.

Business and Innovation Group (BIG, part of the Translational Research Office)

​​​​Contact for: 

  • Help with finding the right biomedical academic/industry partner
  • Industry partnership management and advice for healthcare-based collaborations

Meet the B&IG | Translational Research Office (TRO) - UCL – University College London

Head, Business and Innovation Group (B&IG): Basma Jeelani: b.jeelani@ucl.ac.uk

Senior Business and Innovation Manager - Data Science and AI: Anna Cupani: a.cupani@ucl.ac.uk

Senior Business and Innovation Manager - Faculty of Brain Science general queries: Nicola Ridgway: n.ridgway@ucl.ac.uk

Senior Business and Innovation Manager - Faculty of Population Health Sciences: David Collier: david.collier@ucl.ac.uk

Therapeutic Innovations Networks Coordinator - knowledge exchange and strategic funding: Asha Recino: a.recino@ucl.ac.uk

Business and Innovation Partnerships (BIP, part of Innovation & Enterprise)

Contact for:

  • opportunities to partner with UCL researchers (if you’re a commercial or not-for-profit organisation)
  • opening a dialogue with an external organisation about a research project or idea (if you’re a UCL academic)
  • exploring an academic-industrial collaboration (if you’re unsure how to start the process)
  • strategically developing your academic-industrial partnership

Business and innovation partnerships | Innovation & Enterprise - UCL – University College London

Principal Partnerships Manager (Pharma & Healthcare): Brian Carter, brian.g.carter@ucl.ac.uk

Principal Partnerships Manager (Pharma & Healthcare): Isabel Van De Keere, i.vandekeere@ucl.ac.uk