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Business and innovation partnerships

Find contact information for business and innovation partnerships staff.

The Business & Innovation Partnerships (BIP) team works with large firms, external partners and SMEs in key sectors to forge institutional-level business partnerships that will extend UCL’s research into new areas and lead to new innovations with industry.

View members of the team by sector or specialism:

Dr Martin Davies
Dr Martin Davies

Director for Innovation Partnerships

Tel: 020 3108 7867  (internal: 57867)
Email: martin.davies@ucl.ac.uk

Martin is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the Business & Innovation Partnerships (BIP) team, and its contribution to the delivery of UCL’s Innovation & Enterprise strategy.

He’s a member of the Vice Provost (Enterprise)’s senior leadership team and, with the Director of Entrepreneurship, has strategic oversight of UCL’s extracurricular entrepreneurship programme.

Contact Martin to: 

  • discuss forming institutional relationships between UCL and business partners
  • discuss how the BIP team can support growing business partnerships in UCL faculties and departments
  • find out more about UCL’s role in growing the innovation ecosystem in London

Martin has more than 25 years’ experience of business-university collaborations as a researcher, academic, innovation adviser, and director of university research and enterprise teams. He's been involved in business development in health and biosciences, business incubation, and managing major economic development projects in east London. Martin has also set up his own spinout companies in the biomedical sciences sector. 

Martin is a past Chair and board member of AURIL (the Association for University Research-Industry Links) and of PraxisAuril. He originally trained in chemistry and has a first degree and PhD from Imperial College London.

Rebecca Robinson
Rebecca Robinson

Business & Innovation Partnerships (BIP) Administrator

Tel: 020 3108 6625 (internal: 56625)
Email: rebecca.j.robinson@ucl.ac.uk

Rebecca provides administrative support to the Business and Innovation Partnerships (BIP) team. In particular, she supports UCL’s Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) programme portfolio and BIP’s work with the creative sectors.

Contact Rebecca if you’re:

  • unsure who to contact in the Business and Innovation Partnerships team
  • a UCL Research Services or Professional Services colleague with a finance-related query about a live KTP project in your department
  • a UCL academic, company partner or KTP Associate with a finance-related query about a live KTP project you’re working on at UCL
  • unsure who to contact about your KTP-related enquiry

Rebecca has ten years' international work experience in research, communication, languages and marketing. Before joining UCL, she worked at the European Union, the United Nations and the BBC.

Learn more about the benefits of a KTP for company partners or UCL academics.

Creative, arts and humanities

Jo Townshend
Jo Townshend

Principal Partnerships Manager (Creative Sectors)

Tel: 020 3108 6957 (internal: 56957)
Email: j.townshend@ucl.ac.uk

Jo is responsible for identifying and developing UCL strategic partnerships with the cultural and creative industries. She has a particular interest in organising and managing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary partnerships with the arts.

Contact Jo to:

  • discuss potential strategic partnerships with UCL researchers
  • find out more about UCL’s research and collaboration with the creative and cultural industries 

You can also contact Jo to discuss academic-industrial collaboration with, and/or membership of:

  • Contemporary Visual Arts Network London
  • UCL Art Futures
  • UCL Dance Network
  • UCL Materials Research Network

Before joining UCL Jo was a consultant for the creative industries, collaborating with cultural institutions to meet organisational priorities, stimulate innovation and facilitate business partnerships. Before that she was the Founder Principal of a Studio School for the Creative Industries, delivering education in partnership with the creative sectors.

Building on her specialism of fine art and interest in collaborative practice and contemporary arts pedagogy, she's worked in arts education since graduating from the Royal Academy of Arts. Her work appears in public and private collections.

Jo is Chair of Contemporary Visual Arts Network London. She's a Trustee of the RSA Academies Trust and Trustee of the Board for the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill. Jo is also a member of the Royal Academy Schools Alumni and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Pharma and healthcare

Brian Carter
Dr Brian Carter

Principal Partnerships Manager (Biomedical Sciences)

Tel: 020 3108 7947 (internal: 57947)
Email: brian.g.carter@ucl.ac.uk

Brian focuses on the development of strategic partnerships between external organisations and UCL researchers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. He has a particular interest in work related to small molecule drug discovery, structural biology and informatics.

Contact Brian about:

  • opportunities to partner with UCL researchers (if you’re a commercial or not-for-profit organisation)
  • opening a dialogue with an external organisation about a research project or idea (if you’re a UCL academic)
  • exploring an academic-industrial collaboration (if you’re unsure how to start the process)
  • strategically developing your academic-industrial partnership

Before joining UCL, Brian was Corporate Relations Coordinator at the University of Cambridge. Before that he worked at the Institution of Engineering and Technology and spent a year working at the Royal Society of Chemistry. He spent 10 years working at IBM, and 10 years as a research scientist for GlaxoSmithKline. He's a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Chartered Chemist and a Chartered Scientist. 

Dr Vassilis Georgiadis
Dr Vassilis Georgiadis

Principal Partnerships Manager (Pharma & Healthcare)

Tel: 020 3108 6962 (internal: 56962)
Email: v.georgiadis@ucl.ac.uk

Vassilis focuses on the development of strategic partnerships between external organisations and UCL researchers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. He has a particular interest in work related to oncology, immunology, neuroscience, cardiometabolic disorders and the microbiome, advanced therapies (e.g. cell and gene therapy), biologics, devices and diagnostics, healthcare engineering, and digital health. 

He also co-chairs the Translation & Industry Delivery Group of the UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering.

Contact Vassilis about:

  • opportunities to partner with UCL researchers (if you’re a commercial or not-for-profit organisation)
  • opening a dialogue with an external organisation about a research project or idea (if you’re a UCL academic)
  • exploring an academic-industrial collaboration (if you’re unsure how to start the process)
  • strategically developing your academic-industrial partnership

Before joining UCL Innovation & Enterprise, Vassilis was a Business and Innovation Manager at UCL’s Translational Research Office, supporting industrial research collaboration activities. Before that he was one of the founding members of Molecular Warehouse, a UK molecular diagnostics and digital health startup.

Vassilis is a molecular and cell biologist by training, with over 10 years’ academic research experience in biomedicine. He holds a BSc in Genetics from Queen Mary University, an MSc in Clinical Neurosciences from UCL, and a DPhil in Cell Biology from the University of Sussex.

Janette Junghaus
Janette Junghaus

Senior Partnerships Manager (Pharma & Healthcare)

Tel: 020 3108 7555 (internal: 57555)
Email: j.junghaus@ucl.ac.uk

Janette focuses on the development of strategic partnerships between external organisations and UCL researchers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. She’s particularly interested in work related to mental health, healthy ageing and neuroscience.

Contact Janette about: 

  • opportunities to partner with UCL researchers (if you’re a commercial or not-for-profit organisation)
  • opening a dialogue with an external organisation about a research project or idea (if you’re a UCL academic)
  • exploring an academic-industrial collaboration (if you’re unsure how to start the process)
  • strategically developing your academic-industrial partnership 

Janette has previously worked in the UCL Innovation & Enterprise Entrepreneurship team and the UCL Dementia Research Centre. Before moving into academia, Janette spent over 12 years working in the private sector. She holds an MSc in Neuroscience, Language and Communication and a BA (Hons) in French and German, both from UCL.

Technology, engineering and built environment

Andrew Huddart
Andrew Huddart

Principal Partnerships Manager (New Technologies, Energy & Engineering Sectors) 

Tel: 020 3108 6980 (internal: 56980)
Mobile: 07976 673435
Email: a.huddart@ucl.ac.uk

Andrew focuses on developing significant innovation partnerships between UCL and companies or civic partners that use digital or operational technologies. His areas of specialisation include digitisation, energy transformation, niche manufacturing and using engineering creatively to tackle unmet needs across society.

Andrew also leads the Innovation & Enterprise team’s support for UCL East.

Contact Andrew about:

  • opportunities to partner with UCL researchers (if you’re a business or civic sector organisation), across all campuses, including the PEARL and UCL East developments
  • opening a dialogue with an external partner about some applied research (if you’re a UCL academic)
  • strategically developing your existing academic-based innovation partnership
  • exploring an academic-industrial collaboration (if you’re unsure how to start the process)

Before joining UCL, Andrew managed partnerships for innovation for over 15 years, working in the UK, New Zealand and United States across public, private and higher education sectors. His professional background includes over a decade as a financial journalist for Reuters, and business reporting in the shipping sector. His first degree is a BSc Maritime Studies, and he holds an MSc in Medical Device innovation from Cranfield University.

Dr Ann Thorpe
Dr Ann Thorpe

Senior Partnerships Manager (Advanced Urban Systems)

Tel: 020 3108 6740 (internal: 56740)
Mobile: 07447 5610030 (preferred)
Email: ann.thorpe@ucl.ac.uk

Ann focuses on facilitating relationships with UCL’s partners in the realm of urban services, particularly smart and sustainable cities and sectors such as transport, built environment, and infrastructure. 

Contact Ann about:

  • finding partners, whether looking from outside UCL in, or from UCL out
  • tools and techniques for developing partnerships
  • agreements, such as non-disclosure or heads of terms
  • networking and connections in the realm of smart and sustainable cities

Before joining UCL Innovation & Enterprise, Ann worked in several groups around UCL, including the Transport Institute, the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy, and the Bartlett School of Architecture. She also has experience developing partnerships while holding roles in government and in businesses. She studied at University of California Berkeley, Stanford and the Open University and has expertise in sustainable design and development.

Dr Laura Bovo
Dr Laura Bovo

Innovation Networks Manager

Tel: 020 3108 6985 (internal: 56985)
Email: l.bovo@ucl.ac.uk

Laura focuses on developing significant innovation partnerships between UCL and companies or civic partners that use digital or operational technologies. Her areas of specialisation include the space sector, quantum technologies, sustainable chemistry, clean energy and applied physics in medicine. 

Laura is responsible for supporting innovation networks across disciplines.

Contact Laura about:

  • developing an innovation network, in particular for support and guidance to help strengthen and focus your ideas and ambitions
  • advice on the range of knowledge exchange funding pathways and opportunities available to incubate and launch innovation networks and similar collaborations
  • ways to stimulate innovation and facilitate external partnerships (if you’re unsure how to start the process)
  • developing multi-stakeholder partnerships, and strengthening the links between science, policy and the public

Laura is a chemist by training, with almost a decade’s experience of academic research in magnetism. She holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Padova, Italy, and worked as a researcher at the London Centre for Nanotechnology at UCL from 2011 to 2018. Laura is a member of the Institute of Physics and of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and sits on group committees for both institutions. More information about Laura's publications is available on IRIS.

Dr Liam McCafferty
Dr Liam McCafferty

Innovation Development Manager

Liam is on secondment until mid-2021.

Liam develops innovation partnerships between UCL and business partners, primarily in sectors with a technology focus. His areas of specialisation include chemistry, nanotechnology, advanced materials and clean technologies in physical sciences and engineering.

Liam supports researchers to navigate routes to innovation and business development and works with other units to ensure a joined up innovation service.

Contact Liam about:

  • opportunities to partner with UCL researchers 
  • developing UCL technologies through collaborations with external partners
  • developing your existing academic-based innovation partnership
  • support for academic-industrial collaborations

Before joining UCL Innovation & Enterprise, Liam worked as a post-doctoral research associate and then a technology transfer manager in UCL’s Chemistry Department. He holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry and a PhD, spanning areas of chemistry, engineering and nanotechnology, both from the University of Surrey. 

Public sector and the professions

The Public Sector and Professions (PSP) team specialises in developing partnerships with public sector organisations, social enterprises and the third sector (charitable, voluntary and community groups and organisations).

Dr Michael Reynier
Dr Michael Reynier

Principal Partnerships Manager (Public Sector & the Professions)

Tel: 020 3108 7945 (internal: 57945)
Email: michael.reynier@ucl.ac.uk

Michael leads on business innovation partnerships between UCL and the public sector and the professions. He’s responsible for developing and implementing overarching partnership strategies for key public sector and profession stakeholders such as the Greater London Authority (GLA), local authorities and professional and membership associations such as London First, the CBI and the Knowledge Quarter.

Contact Michael about: 

  • opening a dialogue with a public sector organisation or a professional body
  • information on how UCL is currently engaging with selected public sector and professional organisations
  • opportunities for department, research centre or faculty members to apply their expertise to the public sector or professions
  • opportunities for public sector or professional membership organisations to partner with UCL academics

Michael has 14 years’ experience of catalysing partnerships. Before joining UCL, he was Deputy CEO of London Higher, a membership association of nearly 40 of London’s universities. In this role he promoted higher education in London to external stakeholders and liaised with key London agents such as the Mayor’s Office and various business organisations. He also set up collaborations between universities, including medical schools, on urban research and around student entrepreneurship.

Before this he was project coordinator for archaeology in the national Learning & Teaching Network based at the University of Glasgow. He’s also been a junior lecturer in archaeology at the University of Leicester.

James Jennings
James Jennings

Senior Partnership Manager (Public Sector)

Tel: 020 2108 6606 (internal: 56606)
Email: james.c.jennings@ucl.ac.uk

James helps build and maintain partnerships and relationships with a range of public sector organisations.

Contact James about:

  • building links and interactions with local government (and entities that sit within it)
  • collaborations with third sector and organisations with a strong footprint in the public sector arena
  • public policy work in London, UK and overseas
  • secondment opportunities to bring public sector staff into UCL to work with academics

James has extensive experience working in local government. He’s led on economic development and business growth, regeneration, housing, and policy and strategy for three local authorities in London and Essex. This included change management, international links and embedding equality, diversity and inclusion policy and practice. He also has experience in the third sector, chairing a charity and a community development trust in south east London. In all these roles James developed and maintained relationships with a range of statutory bodies, businesses and education providers.

James joined UCL from London South Bank University where he worked on complex change management projects and developing new ways of working through innovation. He has an MSc in Politics & Government and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Helen Tsui
Dr Helen Tsui

Partnership Manager (Public Sector)

Tel: 020 3108 9096 (internal: 59096)
Email: helen.tsui@ucl.ac.uk

Helen supports and oversees UCL-wide engagement with the Mayor of London’s strategies. She’s also responsible for UCL Innovation & Enterprise’s engagement with local authorities, especially around UCL’s campuses in Bloomsbury and east London.

Contact Helen about: 

  • bringing UCL academic expertise into the public sector
  • developing innovation and enterprise partnerships 
  • helping UCL faculties and professional services to support partner organisations to be innovative and enterprising
  • organising communications and events to promote and exchange knowledge between UCL and local authority partners

Helen previously managed UCL’s knowledge exchange funding. She’s also worked in UCL Public Policy, promoting engagement and interaction between UCL research activity and external stakeholders, in particular those working in public policy and in public sector. 

Before moving to UCL, Helen worked at Imperial College London where she managed the EPSRC-funded National Service for Computational Chemistry Software, supporting research groups at universities across the UK. She has a PhD in Computational Chemistry from UCL and is trained in project management (PRINCE2 practitioner).


Kemil Thomas
Kemil Thomas

Senior Partnerships Manager (High Growth SMEs)

Tel: 020 3108 7934 (internal: 57934)
Email: kemil.thomas@ucl.ac.uk

Kemil is responsible for identifying and developing strategic partnerships between UCL researchers and external commercial partners, with a focus on high-growth SMEs.

He previously managed UCL's Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) programme and other knowledge-exchange initiatives across faculties within UCL. Before moving to UCL, he worked as a Project Manager with the University of Wales, supporting their enterprise activities. He has experience supporting Innovate UK, European-funded (ERDF, ESF) and other external-funded projects for business engagement and support.

Kemil holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Swansea University and is also trained in project management (PRINCE2 practitioner).

Natalie Gough

Programme Manager: KTP and Enterprise Secondments

Tel: 020 3108 6521 (internal: 56521)
Email: natalie.gough@ucl.ac.uk

Natalie manages UCL’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme portfolio, which is part-funded by Innovate UK. Natalie also manages Enterprise Secondments funded by the EPSRC. These programmes enable UCL researchers to collaborate with industry for real world impact, and strategic business innovation and growth.

Contact Natalie if you want to:

  • explore if your idea or project could be eligible for this funding
  • apply your academic expertise into business/industry environments
  • embed new capability in your business/organisation
  • strategically develop your academic-industry partnership

Before joining UCL, Natalie was a Business Development Manager at London South Bank University. Here she worked collaboratively with academics and businesses across a range of sectors, using a variety of funding mechanisms to support knowledge exchange. Natalie has also worked within startups and SMEs so understands different environments and drivers.

Learn more about the benefits of a KTP for company partners or UCL academics.

Rachel Corcoran
Rachel Corcoran

Knowledge Transfer Partnership & Secondment Manager

Tel: 020 3108 7005 (internal: 57005)
Email: r.corcoran@ucl.ac.uk

Rachel is currently on a secondment and her role is being covered by Natalie Gough.

Rachel manages UCL’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme and secondments of UCL researchers into businesses.

The KTP scheme offers a co-funded mechanism through which academics can put their research into practice and businesses can innovate and grow. Rachel works with businesses and academics to scope potential KTP projects and apply for funding from Innovate UK. She then works with academic departments to set them up and oversees them.

Rachel joined Innovation & Enterprise from UCL’s Global Engagement Office, where she was responsible for overseeing the implementation of UCL’s Global Engagement Strategy across UCL. She also set up UCL’s Global Engagement Funds to encourage academics to collaborate with colleagues at other universities worldwide.

Prior to this, Rachel worked in a startup charity, developing projects to help improve UK schools through collaboration. She’s also worked for a top-10 global law firm in Paris, and in the London and Tokyo offices of a large multi-national market research company, delivering high-value projects for manufacturers such as Unilever, Procter & Gamble and Mars.

Nicola Sanderson

Knowledge Transfer Partnership Project Officer

Tel: 020 3108 8319 (internal: 58319)
Email: nicola.sanderson@ucl.ac.uk

Nicola is responsible for UCL’s Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) project coordination and compliance. Nicola also supports the development of proposals for new projects.

Contact Nicola if you: 

  • are a UCL academic interested in our current KTP project portfolio 
  • want to understand how a KTP works as a mechanism to support academic-industrial collaboration  
  • are a doctoral or post-doctoral student who’d like to know what’s involved in being a KTP Associate and the benefits
  • want to understand the operational processes underpinning KTP projects, from proposal to completion

Before joining UCL Innovation & Enterprise, Nicola coordinated UCL Institute of Education’s PGCE teacher training placements across London schools. Her private sector career focussed on delivering projects for large and small organisations in the UK, Italy and Germany. Nicola has an MBA from City, University of London, Business School.

Learn more about the benefits of a KTP for company partners or UCL academics.

Global Innovation

The Global Innovation team provides specialist innovation advice and facilitates international partnerships for high-growth SMEs, innovative startups and R&D intensive spinouts.

Margherita Marini
Margherita Marini

Head of Global Innovation Services

Tel: 020 3108 9372 (internal: 59372)
Email: margherita.marini@ucl.ac.uk

Margherita oversees global innovation programmes for SMEs in London, and manages funders’ relations with Innovate UK and the EU Commission. Her role ensures that UCL provides a wide range of services to London-based SMEs, from innovation management to international technology transfer.

Before joining Enterprise Europe Network and UCL, she worked for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) where she gained experience in intellectual property, transfer of technology and innovation support projects.

Margherita holds a MSc in Political Economy from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE) and a PGDip in Intellectual Property Law at University of Oxford.

Garry Boyle

Innovation Adviser

Tel: 020 7911 5717
Email: g.boyle@ucl.ac.uk

Garry works with London-based innovative SMEs and spinouts, helping them realise their high-growth potential. Garry has a particular focus on identifying IP with commercial potential, as well as securing funding and investment. He also helps facilitate international partnerships to enable SMEs to expand and grow globally.

Contact Garry about:

  • finding trusted business, research or technology partners internationally 
  • accessing funding and finance 
  • making global connections  
  • improving how you manage innovation
  • collaborative commercial R&D projects in the digital health and life sciences industry
  • the Innovate2Succeed programme 

Garry holds an MA in Accountancy and Business Law from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. He also has extensive experience working with innovative spinouts, in particular in the areas of highly technical engineering and life science. He also won national awards for his startup idea at university.

Isabelle Etheridge
Isabelle Etheridge

Events and Marketing Officer, Global Innovation

Tel: 020 7679 8196 (internal: 08196)
Email: i.etheridge@ucl.ac.uk

Isabelle oversees the events and marketing activities of the Global Innovation team. She's responsible for coordinating all aspects of events and contributes to the design and production of marketing materials and web communications.

Contact Isabelle about:

  • workshops and brokerage events organised or co-organised by the team
  • internal and external communications relating to Global Innovation and/or Enterprise Europe Network London

Jonathan Grinbaud
Jonathan Grinbaud

Innovation Adviser

Tel: 020 3108 6688 (internal: 56688)
Email: jonathan.grinbaud.15@ucl.ac.uk

Jonathan advises and supports London-based SMEs and university spinouts to enable them to grow internationally. This includes helping businesses commercialise their R&D, penetrate new markets and secure finance. He's part of the Enterprise Europe Network Intelligent Energy Sector Group.

Contact Jonathan about:

  • finding trusted business, research or technology partners internationally (in particular those in energy efficiency)
  • accessing funding and finance
  • making global connections
  • improving how you manage innovation

Before joining UCL, Jonathan worked closely with London-based SMEs as part of the Innovation Team at Newable. He also has a practical understanding of EU policy and programmes from working on the Common Agricultural Policy at the French Ministry of Agriculture, and on European judicial cooperation at Eurojust, in previous roles.

Jonathan has a Modern European Studies MA from UCL, and a French Master’s degree in European Affairs and International Relations from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Lyon (Sciences Po Lyon).

Stefan Nardi-Hiebl
Stefan Nardi-Hiebl

Innovation Adviser

Tel: 020 3108 7937 (internal: 57937)
Email: s.nardi-hiebl@ucl.ac.uk

Stefan provides tailored advice and support to London-based SMEs, including UCL startups and spinout companies. This includes helping them access funding for innovation, write business plans and funding applications, develop and diversify products, plan new markets, and exploit and protect intellectual property.

Contact Stefan about:

  • finding trusted business, research or technology partners internationally 
  • accessing funding and finance 
  • making global connections  
  • improving how you manage innovation 

Stefan has more than a decade of experience in healthcare and life sciences in various managerial positions, from multinational enterprises and consulting to the startup sector. 
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from University of Applied Sciences Regensburg, Germany, a Master's degree from London School of Economics and Political Sciences, and an Executive MBA from ESMT Berlin, Germany. 

Miriam Newman-Tancredi

Project Officer

Tel: 020 3108 6563 (internal: 56563)
Email: m.newman-tancredi@ucl.ac.uk

Miriam’s role is to ensure that SMEs in London are receiving relevant support. She carries out project management activities for the Global Innovation team at UCL. She plays a major role in reporting to funders and tracking the projects' performance outputs. She also writes content (news, blog posts, success stories) for the EEN website.

Contact Miriam about:

  • our available programmes and their suitability for your business
  • project management, reporting and project outputs for the Global Innovation team

Diana Yin
Diana Yin

Innovation Adviser

Tel: 020 3108 7794 (internal: 57794)
Email: diana.yin@ucl.ac.uk

Diana is on leave until February 2021.

Diana works with London-based businesses with high-growth potentials. Specifically, she focuses on building innovation capacity for companies in the areas of intellectual property strategy, innovation funding, internationalisation, and access to UCL’s research capabilities.  

She has a proven track record of successfully delivering support for high-growth companies. Prior to joining UCL, she worked in private sector R&D consultancy in the UK, academic research in oncology, and at a government innovation agency supporting Kiwi businesses in New Zealand. The private and public sector experience has equipped her with a unique mix of skills for supporting R&D performing businesses, and demonstrating collaborative leadership in the innovation ecosystem.  

Diana holds an MSc in Biomedical Science from The University of Auckland, and an Executive Education in Business Strategy and Financial Performance from INSEAD.