UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


MRes in Translational Neurology Student Testimonials

"The MRes in Translational Neurology has opened my eyes to the importance of making this drug development process more efficient and economical in order to get new treatments to patients quickly and more cost efficiently. A highlight of the course to me was the first hand experience offered with opportunities to shadow procedures involved in clinical research and visit the institute's facilities. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the year-long clinical project with a leading group in Huntington's Disease research. This course has encouraged me to pursue medicine with the long term goal of heading my own clinical trials." -Lauren Byrne (2014-15)

"The lectures opened my eyes to exactly what goes on in clinical trials and drug development. This included being taught by leading doctors in their field, all of which were great presentations. The research component of this course allowed me to further my knowledge and skill base as a basic scientist. I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it. This course has encouraged me to attain a Research Assistant job and pursue a PhD. The atmosphere around Queen Square, where ION is based, was amazing!" -James Parrott (2014-15)

"The professors and lecturers, despite their accomplishments, are very humble and very helpful as well. The course with its research focus and practical skills equipped me to pursue further training with utmost confidence. It paved the way for plenty of career choices be it pursuing a PhD or pursuing my goal of a residency in child neurology. The course convener Dr. Libri  has a great way of simplifying difficult concepts into easy to understand concepts and facts. In addition to his constant support and supervision of our academics and projects, he has a very fatherly side to him for pastoral care as well. The class size was great for building rapport instead of having a large number of students which helped in increasing one on one didactic learning and small group discussions " -Hasan Hasan (2014-15)

"Dr. Libri is a passionate and inspiring promoter of advancement in medicine, who has consistently supported us through the course, and clearly cares for each individual's success. At the stimulating, bustling neurology hub that is Queen's square, what more could a "brain inclined" masters student long for?" -Natalie Dayan (2015-16)

The MRes in Translational Neurology is an excellent opportunity to develop research skills in rare diseases. The broad Biomedical spectrum involving this area is essential to potentiate current- as well as develop new diagnoses, tracking pathways and treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. The content of the course, together with the knowledge of lecturers and their excellent ability to impart, were paramount to generate basic concepts about preclinical and clinical trials, the importance of a good biomarker to analyze diseases and the legislation behind these processes. From my point of view, this course fulfilled my expectations about gaining knowledge and opportunities to research a vast terrain in the biomedical area, from the basics of the laboratory to its application in humans. -Javier Gilbert (2015-16)