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Find out what our students have to say about studying at the Queen Square Institute of Neurology.
Photo of Nivothiga Balendran

Nivothiga Balendran, Advanced Neuroimaging MSc

"I was able to learn a lot more in an interactive way with the right supportive material provided, reaching out to lecturers when I was completely clueless, and taking the initiative to reach out to my peers."

Photo of Yoana Kordovska

Yoana Kordovska, MSc Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research

"The UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology is home to some of the most influential academics and researchers in neuroscience worldwide and being able to learn from them is hugely motivating and rewarding."

Fahm Deen

Fahm Deen, PhD, UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology

"UCL Brain Sciences consists of internationally renowned scientists who contribute to ground-breaking discoveries and offers world-class facilities not found under one hood elsewhere in the world."

Claudia Cannavo

Claudia Cannavo, PhD student, UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology

"I deeply appreciate the meritocracy and transparency that characterise learning and research at UCL and, more generally, in the UK."

What our students say

Hunter Schone - MSc Clinical Neuroscience - USA

“The programme has allowed me to gain a greater knowledge-base of clinical neuroscience and engage in independent clinical research. UCL’s Faculty of Brain Sciences takes a highly personal approach to raising high-calibre neuroscientists."

Shai Fuchs

Shai Fuchs, Clinical Neuroscience MSc

"I choose UCL's MSc clinical neuroscience programme since I believe it will advance and enrich my professional development and open up a wide range of opportunities."

Razna Ahmed

Razna Ahmed, Clinical Neuroscience MSc

"Keep an open mind about which aspects of neuroscience you enjoy. There’s so much to choose from and you’ll be surprised how much you will enjoy it."

Edouard Chikaiban

Edouard Chkaiban Clinical Neuroscience MSc

"The programme represents a great amalgam of both biological and clinical content delivered by experts in their fields, making it an enriching experience."

Denisa Rijal

Denisa Rijal, Clinical Neuroscience MSc

"The sheer passion with which the lectures taught and were thrilled to discuss their research. The professors were open and encouraged students to seek knowledge, inviting open discussions or observation in clinics and labs."

Siew-Mei Yap

Siew-Mei Yap, MRes in Neuromuscular Disease

"The course curriculum is broad and well-structured. The course coordinators are very helpful and responsive. There is an inclusive culture and supportive learning environment here at QSION."

Tsi Lok Ho

Tsi Lok Ho, Clinical Neuroscience MSc

"I hope to translate my experiences at the IoN into quality-of-life improvements for patient care."

Valentina Lolli comments on her experiences as an MSc Advanced Neuroimaging student.

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