UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Short course in Skeletal Muscle and Associated Diseases

Convenors: Dr Pedro Machado and Dr Silvia Torelli

This short course gives an in-depth introduction to the anatomy, development, physiology and function of skeletal muscles. Building on functional characteristics of muscles, it will also give a comprehensive overview of paediatric and adult muscle diseases including muscular dystrophies, myopathies and muscle channelopathies. Disease pathology, pathomechanisms, clinical research and latest therapeutic applications, as well as clinical management of muscle disease are also the main focus of this translational module bridging clinical practice to scientific research. Masterclasses will help course participants to understand the use of imaging techniques, histopathology and electrophysiology techniques in the diagnosis and clinical trials.  

By the end of this short course, participants will gain an understanding of how normal muscle function is altered in various pathological conditions that affect muscles. Course participants will be able to critically assess muscle function measurements used in the clinical setting as well as have an understanding about current research trends in paediatric and adult onset muscle diseases. 

Date of course: TBC

Patient information leaflet writing exercise

To supplement our programme with practical skills related to the theory taught in the module, we set a Patient Information writing task. This task is useful for clinicians and scientists alike as it reinforces the ability to give relevant information to patients and the general public on diseases, treatments and management strategies. Participants will take part in a workshop giving guidance on the principles and UK regulations for Patient Information Leaflets. As part of the assessment, attendees will need to submit a Patient Information Leaflet on a given topic.

Examples of lecture topics
  • Adaptations of healthy muscles to physiological stresses, such as exercise overload and disuse (Steven Harridge)
  • Muscle atrophy and regeneration (Jenny Morgan)
  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (Francesco Muntoni)
  • MRI diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders Masterclass (Jasper Morrow)
  • Acquired Myopathies and Inclusion Body Myositis (Pedro Machado)
  • Physiotherapy assessment of neuromuscular diseases in children (Marion Main ICH)
  • Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy (Gita Ramdharry)