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Our laboratory focuses on three major research themes that crosscut mitochondrial biology and translational science. These include: 1) Establishing the global prevalence and genetic architecture of mitochondrial diseases; 2) Understanding the role of cardiolipin in mitochondrial health and disease; and 3) Generating effective therapies for mitochondrial diseases.

MRC National Mouse Genetics Network Mitochondria Cluster (MitoCluster)

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An integrated phenotyping and mouse model generation platform for mitochondrial disease and dysfunction. 

MitoCluster, a consortium led by Professor Robert Pitceathly, was awarded £2.93 million by the Medical Research Council (MRC) National Mouse Genetics Network. Research funded by the consortium commenced in April 2022, aiming to enhance the current understanding and treatment of primary mitochondrial diseases (PMDs), and other human conditions involving mitochondrial dysfunction, such as neurodegeneration, cancer, and aging.  


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