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August 2021

We're delighted to announce that we’ve completed recruitment. Find out about other trials and studies.

What is the eligibility criteria?

Among others, prospective participants’ need

a diagnosis of Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (minimum of 2 years)

evidence of with progression of the disease (not relapses)

How long is the trial? 

Recruitment is expected over 2 years

Each participant is in trial for 3 to 4.5 years

Overall we expect the trial to be 5 years

How many visits in total? 

For most this will be 10 to 13 visits during the trial period, which lasts up to 4.5 years

How frequent are the visits?

Screening, Baseline and the 1st follow up visit will be roughly monthly for 1st three months

A telephone call is completed at 3 months

Thereafter visits are every 6 months

Who will be at the visits? 

Members of the study team including: research nurses; clinical research fellows both treating physicians and independent assessors

We also have a strong admin support team who will help book appointments either at the visit or by telephone. They will also help to arrange travel reimbursement

Will there be travel reimbursement available? 

The study has a small allowance towards travel per visit 

Will transport be booked for travelling to NHNN for trial?

No. Participants will be required to make their own travel arrangements, but a small contribution can be made towards their travel costs

Participant Withdrawal

The study is completely voluntary and the participant can withdraw from the study at any point with no explanation given, and no change to their standard of care

Which medication is used? 

Simvastatin is the repurposed cholesterol drug, licensed to lower the cholesterol level in the blood. It is a common cholesterol lowering medication that has been used in millions of people around the world.

All Participants must be fully aware that they may not be on the active treatment of Simvastatin. Only 50% of participants will receive Simvastatin and 50% will receive placebo (dummy pill) as this is a double-blinded study.

Why Simvastatin? 

An earlier study (MS-STAT1) showed a likely neuroprotection effect on MRI scans.

Will participants know what drug they are on? 

No. This is a double-blinded trial meaning the treating doctors and nurses, nor the participants, will be aware of what drug they are on through the trial. 

Side effects:  what to expect? 

Simvastatin is generally a very safe drug. There are rare serious side-effects in a few people which will be fully discussed with all potential participants.

Do participants need to register to the UK MS Register to take part in the trial? 

No there is no obligation to sign up with the UK MS Register although we do strongly suggest this. 

Can participants take part in MS-STAT2 if they are participating in another clinical trial? 

No. However when they finish their existing clinical trial, following a 6 month washout period, they could be considered for the MS STAT2 trial. A washout period is defined as the time between treatments i.e., stopping one medication and starting another.


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