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Dementia Action Week

UCL has worked at the frontiers of brain science for more than three decades, and we are home to one of the largest groups of neuroscience experts in the world. Through our pioneering research, we hope to make conditions like dementia a thing of the past.


Soyon Hong

Dr Soyon Hong on investigating microglia and the importance of collaboration within her lab

Dr Soyon Hong (Group Leader, UK Dementia Research Institute at UCL) is a specialist in the relationship between microglia and synapses. Her lab explores these interactions in a disease context.

Dr Vitor Zimmerer

Meet Dr Vitor Zimmerer

Dr Vitor Zimmerer is a clinical linguist and cognitive scientist, based in the UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, with a focus on language capacity in neurodiversity and people with neurological disorders such as dementia.

Selina Wray

Meet Professor Selina Wray

Professor Selina Wray is a Professor of Molecular Neuroscience at UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology. Her lab focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Dr Marc Busche

Meet Dr Marc Busche

Dr Marc Busche is leading a UK Dementia Research Institute Grand Challenge project focused on developing a functional circuit biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease, and is also a Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at Queen Square National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.


Tau protein

First ‘gene silencing’ drug for Alzheimer’s disease shows promise

A world-first trial at UCL and UCLH has found a new genetic therapy for Alzheimer’s disease that is able to safely and successfully lower levels of the harmful tau protein known to cause the disease.

neuroscience building

‘Topping out’ ceremony held for new centre of excellence for UCL Neuroscience

UCL's landmark facility will bring together research scientists, clinicians and patients with the aim of accelerating the discovery of treatments for neurological conditions, including dementia. 


Dementia MSc webinar

Discover how UCL's flagship Dementia MSc programme is helping to meet the global dementia challenge - by focusing our world-leading research and expertise in dementia prevention, diagnosis and treatment. 

Feature: The ‘historic’ Alzheimer’s breakthrough that is 30 years in the making

Professor John Hardy
UCL’s Professor Sir John Hardy was the first to identify the role of amyloid in Alzheimer’s disease - now, three decades later, that finding has resulted in a drug that may help patients.

The news is particularly poignant for Professor Sir John Hardy (UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology), as it represents a lifetime of work, by supporting a hypothesis that he first developed 30 years ago.

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UCL's world-class centre of excellence in neuroscience

UCL President & Provost Dr Michael Spence, Professor Alan Thompson and colleagues explain how the new centre of excellence for UCL Neuroscience will help revolutionise the development of treatments for neurological diseases like dementia.

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