UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Queen Square Multidisciplinary Neuro-oncology Teaching Course

Course Directors: Dr Jeremy Rees 

The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, University College London Hospitals Foundation Trust & UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology

The need for multidisciplinary working in neuro-oncology is well established but a common theme that will be addressed is the need for better understanding between core specialties within the Neuro-oncology Multidisciplinary Team.

To address this, this course has been designed for Trainees, Consultants and Clinical Nurse Specialists in the core specialities of neuro-oncology – Neurology, Neurosurgery, Clinical Oncology, Neuroradiology, Neuropathology and Palliative Care. The anticipated audience are medically qualified professionals working within the neuro-oncology MDT. Other professionals e.g. CNSs and AHPs are welcome but may find some of the content quite technical.

The Aims of the Course are:

  1. To introduce the basic principles and recent advances in Neuro-oncological treatments
  2. To develop a standardised approach to the diagnosis and classification of brain and spinal tumours using modern imaging, histopathology and molecular genetic techniques.
  3. To develop an understanding of the multidisciplinary management of patients with primary and metastatic brain and spine tumours, and other rarer tumours of the nervous system.
  4. To develop an understanding of the symptomatic management of the brain tumour patient with neurological symptoms, including palliative and end-of-life care and treatment related toxicity.
  5. To provide an opportunity for multidisciplinary discussion of common and rare cases

The course will be divided into two days throughout 2022-2023 and will be delivered by the consultant staff of the UCLH/UCL/National Hospital Neuro-oncology multidisciplinary team. 

Feedback from the five years of running the course (2017-18-2022/23)

“Presenters all excellent and easy to listen to. Thank you”
“Great range of medical disciplines to give teaching of breadth and depth of neuro-oncology”
“Very interesting lectures to a high standard”
“Very good study day. Learned a lot”
“Well received by all and long awaited”

"The QS CNS Tumour course is a truly outstanding course covering the breadth of key issues from the neuropathology of CNS Tumours to Palliative Care. The course focuses on how it affects the management of our patients. All the lectures are very clear and greatly informative both for the general neurologist and Neuro-oncology trainee/Specialist. We should all attend"

Dates and programmes:

The course will be delivered at the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology, 33 Queen Square, basement lecture theatre. 

Course Fees

CategoryFull course rateDay rate
Trainees 9070
UCLH Staff00
Allied professionals (physios, nurses etc)7050

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Neuro-oncology Teaching Course (both days)
Principles of Neuro-oncology
Benign and Malignant Tumours 

Contact: m.khanom@ucl.ac.uk