UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Principles of Neuro-oncology Programme

Date: 28th September 2022

Location: Basement lecture theatre, 33 Queen Square, WC1N 3AR

9.00WelcomeDr Jeremy Rees, Consultant Neurologist, NHNN
9.05Neuropsychology and Vocational RehabilitationDr Patrick Murphy, Clinical Neuropsychologist, NHNN
10.00Neuroradiology – Anatomy, Physiology, Advanced ImagingDr Steffi Thust, Consultant Radiologist, NHNN
10.35Imaging QuizDr Jeremy Rees, Consultant Neurologist, NHNN
11.25Symptom Control – Epilepsy, Thrombosis and steroids  Dr Gary Hotton, Consultant Neurologist, NHNN
12.05Glioma Surgery, Awake craniotomy, Functional AnatomyMr Andrew McEvoy, Consultant Neurosurgeon, NHNN
13.15Clinical Features, Epidemiology, Survival TrendsDr Jeremy Rees, Consultant Neurologist, NHNN
13.45Management of High-Grade Gliomas     Dr Michael Kosmin, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, UCLH
14.25Malignant Glioma – a rare case of targeted treatmentDr Jeremy Rees, Consultant Neurologist, NHNN
15.10Management of Low-Grade GliomasDr Jeremy Rees, Consultant Neurologist, NHNN
15.45Neuropathology and Molecular Genetics  Prof Sebastian Brandner, Consultant Neuropathologist, NHNN
16.25Ethical Considerations, Advance DirectivesDr Jon Martin, Consultant in Palliative Medicine,Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

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Feedback from the courses run in 2017/18 - 2021-22

“Presenters all excellent and easy to listen to. Thank you”
“Great range of medical disciplines to give teaching of breadth and depth of neuro-oncology”
“Very interesting lectures to a high standard”
“Very good study day. Learned a lot”
“Well received by all and long awaited”