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Video: Parkinson's and the Genetic Revolution: From Genes to Treatments

17 June 2013

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Dr Patrick Lewis of University College London and Dr Flaviano Giorgini of the University of Leicester, discuss how their work on genetics is helping us develop treatments for Parkinson's.

The last ten years have seen a revolution in our understanding of genetics, demonstrated by the truly monumental sequencing of the human genome. This has, in turn, had a massive impact on the way in which we approach the research of human conditions -- including Parkinson's.

 From Genes to Treatments

We now know that there are many genes that are linked to Parkinson's, and much of the research into this condition over the past decade has attempted to bridge the gap between identifying these genes and figuring out why they cause nerve cells to die.

In this lecture, we will take you on a journey through the genetics of Parkinson's. We talk about how we as scientists are using genetics to learn about the causes of the condition -- providing us with new potential targets in the hunt for better treatments.

The Gretschen Amphlet Memorial Lecture 2013. Film footage of the lecture and Q&A taken at Fitzwilliam College Cambridge on the 17 April 2013