UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology


Course Structure and Assessment


Course Aims

To provide high quality distance learning provision in Clinical Neurology for qualified medical graduates from the UK, Europe and outside the European Union. The overall aim is to improve the practice of clinical neurology and to provide an up to date scientific underpinning for clinicians who would otherwise not be able to access UCL degrees.

Course Content

The Certificate in Clinical Neurology via distance learning is a unique course with an online programme comprising more than 400 sessions covering a comprehensive range of neurological topics, designed by experts in the field. Sessions cover wide variety of neurological aspects, and including sessions on neurosurgery, neurophysiology, neuropathology. The text is accompanied by interactive multimedia features such as videos, interactive graphs and tables, as well as clinical graphics and line drawings.

Upon starting the course you will complete the module Introduction to Neurology which is not assessed, but is necessary in order to proceed to the core modules.

The core modules are:

Learning Objectives

All students will learn the fundamentals of neurological diseases; acquire skills for neurological examinations and diagnostics that are applicable in day to day clinical practice. 


Examinations (MCQ) will be taken in a UCL approved centre for those students who live outside the UK. For students who live inside the UK they will be expected to sit examinations at UCL. Any fees incurred for sitting exams in UCL approved centres will be met by the student. These will typically be £80 per exam (8 exams in total). Structured case reviews will be assessed by the course tutor via Skype.