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Seminar series

A forum for academics, doctoral students, practitioners and invited speakers to present and open discussion on issues, ideas and debates in the field of Education and International Development.

Advance registration is required; please see registration details on individual event pages.

CEID Seminar series


30 November 2021

7 December 2021

24 February 2022

  • Marginalisation and structural barriers in Africa - Maitreyi Bordia Das and Sabina Anne Espinoza (World Bank), Simone Datzberger (IOE), Jenny Parkes (IOE) and Rehema Nagawa (UVRI/Medical Research Council, Uganda), Hope Wambi (Raising Voices, Uganda).

10 March 2022

Further seminars will be announced here.

Past seminars

30 October 2019Book launch: Higher education for and beyond the Sustainable Development GoalsProfessor Tristan McCowan (UCL), Dr Emilie Souyri (Université Côte d'Azur); Alex Wright (Association of Commonwealth Universities); Dr Laila Kadiwal (UCL) and Dr Stuart Tannock (UCL) and Professor Elaine Unterhalter (UCL)
25 November 2019

Race, class and the post-apartheid democratic state: Reflections on the work of Harold Wolpe

Professor Robert van Niekerk (University of the Witwatersrand), Professor Ben Fine (University of London); Professor Vishnu Padayachee (University of the Witwatersrand) and Professor Elaine Unterhalter (UCL)
18 October 2018Gender and teacher education in NigeriaProfessor Elaine Unterhalter and Dr Amy North (UCL Institute of Education)
Yvette Hutchinson (British Council)
8 November 2018Violent extremism and the political economy of education in Afghanistan Dr Tejendra Pherali (UCL Institute of Education)
28 November 2018

What are we learning about learning from learning profiles?

Professor Lant Pritchett (Harvard University)

6 December 2018What will it take to change pedagogical practices in HE in Botswana? Towards a model of pedagogical reformProfessor Richard Tabulawa (University of Botswana)
16 January 2019In service of dominant elites? Nation, education, and peacebuilding in post (civil) war TajikistanDr Laila Kadiwal (UCL Institute of Education)
13 February 2019

Building effective and inclusive education systems: insights from Ethiopia and Vietnam

Rachael Fitzpatrick (Education Development Trust), Padmini Iyer (University of Cambridge), Dr Caine Rolleston and Professor Moses Oketch (UCL Institute of Education)
6 March 2019

Mapping AI in education and international development discourses: public-private partnerships

Dr Selena Nemorin (UCL Institute of Education)

29 April 2019The consequences of private sector growth on the public sector, parental choice and systemic equity Priya Joshi (UNESCO)
21 May 2019Racism, education and international developmentDr Arathi Sriprakash (University of Cambridge) and Sharon Walker (University of Cambridge)
23 May 2019Learner-centred pedagogy and implications for pupils’ schooling experiences and learning outcomesDr Nozomi Sakata (UCL Institute of Education)
6 June 2019Students with disabilities and the transition to work: A capabilities approachDr Oliver Mutanga (UCL Institute of Education)
26 October 2017Education, poverty and global goals for gender equalityProfessor Elaine Unterhalter and Dr Amy North (UCL Institute of Education)
9 November 2017Higher education and the public good in AfricaProfessors Elaine Unterhalter and Moses Oketch (UCL Institute of Education)
14 December 2017More than knowledge transfer?More Than Knowledge Transfer project team
10 January 2018School community relationships and 'conviviencia'Cristina Perales Franco (UCL Institute of Education)
7 February 2018Health and Wellbeing RoundtableDr Rodney Reynolds (UCL Institute for Global Health)
Sophia Mark (UCL Institute of Education)
Maria Ramirez Angel (UCL Anthropology)
Tricia Young and Carolyn Conway (Child to Child)
7 March 2018Learning as development: the "global learning crisis”, the UN SDGs, and what we should do nextProfessor Dan Wagner (University of Pennsylvania)

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