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Precision AMR

Antibiotic resistant infections are now a major global threat to human health. With this award we aim to address the barriers and need to develop novel methods to tackling this universal problem.


The ‘Precision AMR (anti-microbial resistance)’ initiative will be led by Professor Judith Breuer at University College London (UCL) and involve researchers and clinicians from Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), Institute of Child Health (ICH), UCL and UCL Hospital (UCLH).

We have been awarded an investment from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) of £3.3 million to accelerate the development, and use in patients, of new tools and tests that can:

  1. Diagnose antibiotic resistant infections faster to enable early treatment with the right antibiotic.
  2. Ensure treatment with the right dose of antibiotic and the right combination of drugs.
  3. Rapidly confirm that no antibiotic resistant infection is present so that unnecessary treatment can be stopped.
  4. Rapidly stop the spread of antibiotic resistant infections from one person to another.

Our strategy is to accelerate the development of diagnostic, behavioural and interventional tools and their early implementation into clinical practice. With our areas of focus on:

  • Developing new diagnostic tools
    (e.g. development of new laboratory methods, improving bioinformatics tools, comparison of existing technologies)
  • Improving quality and speed of results to ward
    (e.g. Randomised Control Trials of new diagnostics to establish need and health economics, linkage to EPR to change working practices, Point of Care tests)
  • Changing clinical management to reduce AMR
    (e.g. collecting EPR data on prescribing behaviour, changing patient management pathways, audit using Electronic Patient records (EPR), staff education and Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement).
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