Division of Infection and Immunity


Who we are

Find out more about our Precision AMR investigators and research experts.

Lead investigator

Professor Judith Breuer

Judith Breuer is a professor of Virology and a consultant clinical virologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). Judy’s research interest include pathogen genomics, molecular epidemiology and pathogen genetic determinants of infectious disease. She is an expert in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies applied to pathogen detection and identification of antimicrobial resistance using culture-independent methods.

Judy's work has pioneered the development of rapid methods to detect resistance mutations in hard-to-culture bacteria. Most recently she has used nonlinear mixed effects and phylogenetic modelling of sequence data from treated viruses to develop algorithms that predict responses of resistant viruses therapy. As a practising clinical virologist, Judy has implemented the first UK diagnostic metagenomics services for pathogen detection in tissue biopsies.

Co-investigators and research experts

Professor Francois Balloux

Francois Balloux is professor of Computational Systems Biology at UCL and Director of the UGI, UCL’s major central genetic data hub. He has led development and application of sophisticated computational tools to genomic and meta-genomic data to reconstruct disease outbreaks and epidemics and infer transmission chains, in silico AMR and virulence profiling.

Professor Mervyn Singer

Mervyn Singer, a professor of Intensive Care Medicine at UCL and the Director of the Bloomsbury Institute of Intensive Care Medicine, UCL and Emeritus NIHR Senior Investigator, leads clinical trials for novel diagnostics and interventions for infection and sepsis.

Professor Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson is a professor of Microbiology at UCLH and is an AMR expert and a member of the APRHAI Committee at the Department of Health. His research targets environmental spread of pathogens and assessment of methods for rapid diagnosis of bacterial infection. He led the NICE-accredited Working Party on MDR Enterobacteriaceae.

Dr Joe Standing

Joe Standing is an antimicrobial Pharmacist and MRC Clinician Scientist, an expert on antimicrobial pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) modelling, a crucial tool in establishing efficient dosing and combination strategies against AMR.

Dr Elaine Cloutman-Green

Elaine Cloutman-Green is the lead healthcare scientist  at GOSH and a member of the UK AMR Diagnostic Stewardship group, working on the national guidelines for use of diagnostics to prevent AMR. 

Dr Laura Shallcross

Laura Shallcross is an associate professor in public health medicine at UCL and is a member of the Advisory Committee on Antimicrobial Prescribing, Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection (APRHAI). Laura leads the Preserving Anitibiotics through Safe Stewardship (PASS) research group at UCL.