Division of Infection and Immunity


Professor Judith Breuer

Professor of Virology


Research in the Breuer lab focusses on the application of next generation sequencing and phylogentics to virus diagnostics and discovery.

Research summary

My laboratory has pioneered whole pathogen genome sequencing directly form clinical material using targeted enrichment methods which obviate the need for prior amplification by culture or PCR. We have established the method as an automated high throughput pipeline with associated bioinformatics.

Our research interests include:

  1. The evolution of pathogens in the context of disease, drug treatment and vaccination
  2. The application of next generation sequencing methodologies to diagnostic microbiology
  3. Genomic approaches to host pathogen interactions.

Our current projects include:

  1. Genomic approaches to understand the evolution of drug resistance in pathogens and identify the mechanisms of drug action
  2. Genomic approaches to understanding the transmission and spread of pathogens
  3. Genomic approaches to pathogenesis of infectious diseases.

Selected publications