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Where research transforms lives: the podcast

We’re tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges. This podcast series explores some of the most memorable stories from UCL Research.

Every Thursday between May and July 2022, Dr Rosie Anderson invited us to take a deep dive into the UCL research that has changed the world around us. Each week we explored a different area of study, giving us a taste of the breadth and depth of the work being done at UCL.

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Ep. 1: Where research transforms HIV treatment and prevention

Professor Alison Rodger and activist Bruce Richman explain how people living with HIV came together with scientists to fight stigma and prove that Undetectable Equals Untransmittable.


  • Bruce Richman, Founder and Director, Prevention Access Campaign
  • Professor Alison Rodger, Institute of Global Health, UCL

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Ep. 2: Where research transforms cancer treatment

Professor Jayant Vaidya explains how, as a young surgeon in Mumbai, he set out to invent a new radiotherapy device to make his patients’ lives a little easier, and wound up discovering new things about how the body heals and transforming breast cancer surgery around the world.


  • Marcelle Bernstein, diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012
  • Dr Sandeep Nayak, Fortis Hospital, Bangalore, India
  • Dr Samuele Massarut, CRO Aviano, Italy
  • Professor Jayant Vaidya, Division of Surgery and Interventional Science, UCL

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Ep. 3: Where research transforms access to children's social care records

Hear how UCL research led by care experienced people has restored children’s voices to official records of their time in care.


  • Elizabeth Shepherd, Professor of Archives and Records Management in the Department of Information Studies, UCL
  • John-george Nicholson, care experienced adult and co-researcher
  • David Holmes, CEO of Family Action

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Ep. 4: Where research transforms climate mitigation

How UCL economics researchers and campaigning journalists put keeping fossil fuels in the ground and divestment on the climate crisis agenda.


  • Prof Paul Ekins, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources and the UK Energy Research Centre
  • Dr Christophe McGlade, Head of the Energy Supply Unit, IEA
  • Damian Carrington, Environment Editor, The Guardian

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Ep. 5: Where research transforms COVID-19 treatment

Professors Mervyn Singer and Becky Shipley explain how they got a mechanical breathing support machine from idea to reality in a month, and helped protect the NHS during the first COVID surge.


  • Mervyn Singer, Professor of Intensive Care Medicine, UCL
  • Becky Shipley, Professor of Health Care Engineering, UCL
  • Dr Neil McGuire, former Director of Medical Devices, MHRA
  • Hiten “Rup” Ruparelia, COVID hospital patient who used UCL-Ventura CPAP

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Ep. 6: Where research transforms how we protect cultural heritage

Hear about UCL Professor Eleanor Robson’s research on the ancient city of Nimrud in Iraq and how it enabled cultural heritage organisations, news media and policymakers to understand the site's importance as the world’s first imperial capital.


  • Professor Eleanor Robson, Department of History, UCL
  • Louise Haxthausen, UNESCO Representative to the European Union
  • Maryam Maruf, Journalist, BBC World Service

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Ep. 7: Where research transforms the women we see

Professor Jessica Ringrose and Dr Kaitlyn Regehr on how sexism in London’s advertising landscape creates hostile environments for women, and how creativity and activism have challenged businesses and policymakers to address that injustice.


  • Professor Jessica Ringrose, Centre for Sociology of Education and Equity, IoE
  • Dr Kaitlyn Regehr, Associate Professor, Digital Humanities
  • Naomi Peter, Co-Founder, Anthill
  • Amelia Jenkinson, CEO, School of Sexuality Education

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Ep. 8: Where research transforms children's mental health

How Professor Jess Deighton’s landmark study of school pupils’ mental wellbeing uncovered a growing crisis in young women’s mental health, and how her research has helped young people’s voices shape the HeadStart project’s support for them.


  • Professor Jessica Deighton, Child Mental Health and Wellbeing, UCL and the Anna Freud Centre
  • Sarah Reeves, Mental Health and Coproduction Lead, Newham HeadStart
  • Libby, young woman from Newham

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Ep. 9: Where research transforms Covid and privacy

How Dr Michael Veale and colleagues across Europe built a privacy-friendly COVID tracking app, and how he worked with Parliamentarians to put citizens’ privacy rights on the agenda during the pandemic.


  • Dr Michael Veale, Associate Professor in Digital Rights and Regulation, UCL Faculty of Laws
  • Lord Tim Clement-Jones, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Digital in the House of Lords
  • Natasha Lomas, Senior Reporter at Techcrunch

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Ep. 10: Where research transforms links between nature and health

Professor Kate Jones and Dr Chris van Tulleken explain how human health is linked to the health of the planet, and how UCL climate and habitat research is helping doctors and policymakers predict (and maybe prevent) the next pandemic.


  • Professor Kate Jones, Centre for Biodiversity and Environmental Research, UCL
  • Dr Chris van Tulleken, Division of Infection and Immunity, UCL and Hospital for Tropical Diseases, London

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Ep. 11: Where research transforms space exploration

Hear how Prof Alan Smith and researchers at UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory and our partner, Teledyne UK, design devices like Gaia, the ESA's optical telescope to chart a 3D map of the Milky Way.


  • Professor Alan Smith, Professor of Detector Physics, Dept of Space & Climate Physics

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#MadeAtUCL Podcast - a special episode on REF2021

We’re looking at the impact of data, the absence of data and how data can be utilised across three of our incredible REF case studies. See show notes and transcript here


  • Professor Elizabeth Shepherd, Archives and Records Management and Head of Department for the Department of Information Studies
  • Professor Alison Rodger, Institute of Global Health, UCL
  • Professor Jennifer Hudson, Dept of Political Science, Deputy Dean, UCL Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences

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About our host and podcast team

Dr Rosie Anderson

Rosie began her career in journalism and public affairs. After a PhD at the University of Edinburgh looking at how culture and emotion affect politics, she joined the Public Health Policy team there as a Research Fellow. She moved to the UCL Impact Team in January 2021, where she focuses on the contribution our Life and Medical Science research makes to society and the world. Outside work, she can be found doing comedy, cooking food and on - or in - the water.

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Podcast team

  • Dr Rosie Anderson, Host and Producer
  • Stephanie Limuaco, Campaigns Manager
  • Halle McCarthy, Campaigns Officer
  • Patrick Robinson, Podcast Editor
  • Teresa Baker, Podcast Editor

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