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Neonatal and Paediatric Ventilation Course

8 - 9 December 2016
This popular course combines lectures with practical workshop sessions. The programme includes a wide range of topics including initiation, maintenance, weaning off assisted ventilation and special ventilatory techniques. More...

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Managing Constipation in Children Study Day 

9 December 2016
Constipation in children remains one of the commonest symptoms encountered in childhood and accounts for a significant proportion of the clinical workload in general practice, general paediatrics and paediatric gastroenterology. Despite this the diagnosis, treatment and ultimately outcome remain challenging. This course brings together experts in childhood constipation to provide a practical approach to classification, diagnosis and treatment, with emphasis on the commonest form, so-called ‘functional constipation’.  More...

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Further Topics in R

11th January, 2017: This course introduces a number of topics for R for those already familiar with the basics of the programming language.  More...

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Critical Appraisal

12th January, 2017: In this one day workshop we consider how to critically appraise research papers. Each section in a paper is covered in turn and there is much emphasis on evaluating the collection and analysis of data as described by the authors. Widely available critical appraisal sheets are discussed. More...

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Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics

16th-20th January, 2017: This five-day course offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental aspects of research methods and statistics. From study design, data types, and graphs, through to choice and interpretation of statistical tests, with particular focus on standard errors, confidence intervals and p-values. More...

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