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Employee Assistance Programme: Staff Support Service: available for staff and PhD students

Confidential, 24/7 mental health support in seconds: by phone. Speak to information experts on legal, financial, housing and family related issues. Support available for both personal and work-related matters. UK Freephone - 0808 196 5808

If you have been affected by recent events in the Middle East, find support here

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Sign up to the digital platform here

Instructions on how to sign up for the platform. 

  • Click: New here? Sign up! 
  • You will need to use your UCL email address and organisation code: UCLEAP 
  • Create a password and click: Sign Up 
  • Make sure to download the Mobile App by searching for ‘Spectrum.Life’ in IOS or Android

What's included? 

  • Spectrum.Life provide emotional, in the moment support, 24/7, 365 days a year 
  • Spectrum.Life Information Services provision has specific and qualified experts including, financial and tax advisers for Financial Wellbeing issues and Parenting Coaches 
  • Spectrum.Life offering includes an extensive wellbeing app providing holistic wellbeing support from recipes, to sleep advice, daily guided meditation to live and on demand exercise classes 

You will also benefit from: 

  • Wide range of options to suit your preferences to access the service including referral, phone, live chat, email
  • Triaging service to ensure your needs are being met with appropriate intervention 
  • Access to a complimentary digital wellbeing gym and extensive digital wellbeing content 
    Ways To ConnectInformation
    UK Freephone0808 196 5808
    Make a Referral

Speak To A Qualified Advisor / Counsellor

A free confidential counselling and in-the-moment wellbeing support service. Available 24/7, 365 days a year 


Wellbeing Learning

A variety of holistic e-learning materials supporting mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing 

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Discounts and Rewards

Get discounts and rewards from a range of popular brands available in the Benefit Hub

gym equipment

Digital Gym

Access a schedule of up to 20 classes per week from HIIT to desk Yoga from the comfort of your home, available live and on demand 


Wellbeing Series and Podcasts

Weekly engaging and informative conversations with experts discussing a range of wellbeing topics including mental wellbeing, nutrition, parenting, and health & fitness 


Guided Meditation

Guided meditation audios available to help reduce anxiety, stress, and improve sleep