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Relocation Scheme

1. UCL is London’s Global University, and we are committed to supporting the recruitment and relocation of staff to support our academic mission.

2. Relocation to International Campuses

2.1. Staff relocating to one of UCL’s international campuses should refer to the specific relocation package benefits:

3. Relocation Scheme Eligibility

3.1. The Relocation Scheme applies to newly appointed academic staff (Lecturer through to Professor) and senior professional services staff (Grades 9 and 10) who relocate their home to take up an appointment with UCL, in order to significantly reduce their travelling time to work.

3.2. Applications for relocation expenses will only be considered if the appointee has moved, within 6 months of their appointment, from the place/town where they were ordinarily resident in order to take up their appointment with UCL and the move makes a significant difference to their travel to work time.

3.3. To be eligible for the Relocation Scheme, eligible staff must have an open ended contract of employment or a fixed term contract of three years or more in duration. The scheme is not available to staff whose salaries are financed by external grants, such as research grants, Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF), EU grants etc.

3.4. Should a member of staff in receipt of relocation expenses or relocation supplement voluntarily leave UCL within 36 months of appointment, a proportion of the money paid to them will be repayable according to the table below:

12 months or less

12 - 24 months

24 - 36 months




4. Relocation Scheme Benefits

The Relocation Scheme has two elements:

Relocation Supplement;

Relocation Expenses

5. Relocation Supplement

5.1. A relocation supplement of £9,000 will be paid (pro-rata for part-time appointments). This is intended as a contribution to those costs not covered by the Relocation Expenses allowance (see below).The supplement is taxable and is paid through the payroll.

5.2. Applications for a relocation supplement should be made by the Head of Department using the Relocation Supplement Form to the Dean of the Faculty / Vice-Provost (for financial audit purposes), once the Head has confirmation that an appointee is relocating in line with the parameters of this scheme.

5.3. The Relocation Supplement Form should be sent to the HR Employee Contracts Administration team for processing within 6 months of their appointment.

6. Relocation Expenses

6.1. UCL will reimburse relocation expenses in accordance with the policy found here: Relocation ExpensesEligible staff should discuss their requirements with their Head of Department (or delegate) in the first instance. With the approval of their Head of Department (or delegate), an eligible staff member should contact one of UCL’s preferred suppliers of relocation services for UCL employees (see below).

6.2. UCL’s three preferred are Robinsons Relocation, UCL@robinsonsrelo.com tel. +44(0)1235 552285, fax +44 (0) 1256 859419; Lexicon relocation, lexiconucl@LexiconRelocation.com tel +44 (0) 1635 271215; and Pickfords, ucl@pickfords.com tel +44 (0) 20 37014930. Employees must request two quotations from the contracted suppliers. The quotations, depending on the nature of the expenses, will be processed according to the workflow chart in the Relocation Factsheet.

6.3. Supplier profiles may be found in: Robinsons RelocationLexicon relocation, and Pickfords.

6.4. Allowable relocation expenses procured using this route will be invoiced directly to UCL Finance, who will issue the Purchase Order number on the 'Contract Particulars' document. For further Departmental guidance, see 'Departmental Factsheet'.

6.5. At the end of a relocation exercise the supplier will provide the employee with an evaluation questionnaire and submit the completed form to the Head of Department.

7. Additional information

7.1. Form C3 is a form required to declare personal belongings to Customs and claim any duty and tax reliefs that may apply when returning or transferring residence from outside the European Community to the UK and may be found on the HMRC website.

7.2. Please refer to our 'Relocating to the UK' webpage.

7.3. Help with finding accommodation in London, UCL offers an Accommodation Information Service for UCL staff and academic visitors.

Updated August 2016