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Making Hybrid Work

Welcome to the Making Hybrid Work hub, your one-stop shop for information on hybrid working at UCL.

New hybrid working guidance for central and faculty professional services staff and technical staff

When we returned to campus after lockdown in 2021, we launched the Interim Return to Campus Guidance and staff were expected to work at least 40% of their time on-site. We reviewed these arrangements earlier this year through a series of listening exercises and we are now launching the new guidance and other tools and resources to support staff and managers.

Key changes made to the guidance

Campus life is integral to the student and staff experience and it is important that staff continue to be engaged in the culture and life on campus, providing excellent services to students and staff in-person when needed, and for teams to come together in-person. The new guidance applies to professional services staff in central departments and faculties, including technical staff. 

It introduces 3 categories of worker:

  • On-site First: working more than 80% of time on-site. 

  • Hybrid Worker: working between 20% and 80% of time on-site, using an activity-led approach rather than a strict % baseline. 

  • Remote First: working less than 20% of time on-site. 

How we’ll support you

The guidance and accompanying toolkit and resources on this page, provide a framework to help departments determine which category staff are in, their working patterns and the type of activity teams come on-site for.


Line managers will be discussing the guidance with their teams over a 3-month period and new arrangements will need to be operational by 1 October 2022, but we also recognise that some staff may need a longer transition period to make necessary arrangements. The Interim People Management Guidance currently remains in place for academic, teaching and research staff pending further review. 


Please contact your HR Business Partner for any individual queries. For general policy queries or advice, please contact the HR Policy Team


Additional resources for line managers

Frequently asked questions 

UCL Supports

UCL Supports is an initiative aimed at increasing awareness of the different ways UCL can assist staff. Various resources are available below for staff that may need our support.

Group of three women talking

Arranging reasonable adjustments

Guidance on supporting staff with a disability and arranging reasonable adjustments to work arrangements (which may include working remotely).

2 people talking

Flexible working procedure

The procedure for staff and managers for flexible working requests or requesting a change to working arrangements.                           

making hybrid work

The “UCL Hour” – for all meetings.

Timing your meetings for 50 minutes so that participants can take a quick break before the next one.                                                

2 women talking

Self care

A guide to giving you tips to balance your new routine of hybrid working.                                                     

making hybrid work

Staying connected

How to work in a hybrid working environment.                                                     

Woman taking part in a hybrid meeting

Tips for hybrid meetings

Make your hybrid meetings more effective by considering these key practical and technical tips.