Distance Aware Initiative - 'Please give me space'

'Please give me space' is a visual brand of posters and products developed by Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and the RNIB, with support from the Cabinet Office, to politely promote social distancing

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What is 'Please give me space'?

The name UCL has settled on for this NHS led initiative is ‘Distance Aware’. The campaign aims to act as a polite reminder to maintain respectful distancing around others when possible.

Who is it for and why is it important?

Please give me space is for anyone who would like to confidently social distance. They include groups with an invisible disability or disabilities (including mental health conditions) and people identified as extremely clinically vulnerable by the NHS. The aim is to give the wearer confidence that when they go out in public those around them will 'give them space'. Use of any of the 'Please give me space' products is a choice for individuals if they wish to utilise it. It is not compulsory, simply a tool for those who find it helpful. 

Feedback from people who have worn the lanyards, pin badge, or ID card

It has increased their confidence in public spaces such as the shopping environment or when travelling or exercising. The products are lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

The range which includes, a pin badge, lanyard and ID card, face mask, snood and tabard. It means that individuals can be as discreet or obvious as you want to be.

A woman smiles broadly looking at the camera holding a 'Please give me space' ID card on a branded lanyard

Where can I get the products?


Students can request lanyards online via AskUCL and on campus from some libraries including; IOE Library, Main Library, Science Library and Cruciform Hub. Remember to check opening hours before attending site. 

Students who want a lanyard can either purchase one on the Please give me space website, or print off the card attachment from the Cabinet Office website


Please give me space lanyards for staff are now available to collect from Security in the Andrew Huxley building (if collecting more than one on behalf of other staff members please email security in advance). To purchase branded wearables visit the Please give me space website for a range of products including free downloadable badges, screensavers, and posters. The Cabinet Office have also provided print-and-use resources to compliment the wearable products on sale.

If colleagues would like a lanyard but are unable to visit campus, we ask that departments support them by arranging collection and posting on their behalf. If you are collecting multiple lanyards from Andrew Huxley please e-mail security and notify them of how many you need to collect before going to Andrew Huxley.  If you are intending to collect your lanyard in person, please note that the first Monday of each month is generally a very busy day as new staff are onboarded and so is best avoided if you wish to socially distance from others more easily. 

How can I support the scheme?

Ensure that all staff and students have seen the information videos. A playlist of 'Please give me space' videos includes user testimonials, the introduction video at the top of this page, and demonstrations of the mask and lanyard from the shop.

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