UCL Human Resources


HR Business Partnering - Contact Details

Contact details and areas of responsibility for HR Business Partnering departmental teams.

Interim Director of ​HR Business Partnering: Catherine Stow

Vice Presidents’ Offices & Institute of Education

Head of HR: Sharron Alexander

President and Provost Office

Hayah Nawaz

Vice-President (Advancement)

Hayah Nawaz

Vice-President (External Engagement)

Hayah Nawaz

Vice-President (Strategy)

Hayah Nawaz

Vice-President (Operations)


 - Academic Communication Centre

Jamie Beaven

 - Biological Services

Fiona Fearon

 - Change & Improvement

Kay Toms

 - Commercial & Procurement

Kay Toms

 - Estates Division

Kay Toms

 - Finance & Business Affairs

Kay Toms

 - Human Resources Division (inc Unitemps)

Kay Toms

 - Information Services Division

Lara Miloszewska

 -  Professional Services Hub

Hayah Nawaz

 - Research and Innovation Services

Kay Toms

 - Students' Union UCL

Hayah Nawaz

 - Student & Registry Services

Gillian Thompson

 - UCL Centre for Advanced Research Computing

Lara Miloszewska

UCL Institute of Education

Jamie Beaven & Fiona Fearon

Transformation Projects

Head of HR Transformation Projects: Stuart McLellan

Life & Medical Sciences and Vice-Provost (Health)

Head of HR: Charles Marson

Vice Provost (Health)

Terezia Clarke

Faculty of Brain Sciences

Linda Ali Brown

  - Ear Institute 

Tayjal Tailor

Faculty of Life Sciences

Lucy Dawson

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Charles Marson

 - Division of Infection and Immunity

Tayjal Tailor

 - Eastman Dental Institute 

Tayjal Tailor

Faculty of Pop Health Sciences

Terezia Clarke

  - EGA Institute for Women’s Health

Tayjal Tailor


Head of HR: Claire Rowlinson

Faculty of Engineering Science                                                       

Angelina Blackwood-Hernandez

Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences

Liz Milner

Faculty of the Built Environment

Gemma Andrews

SLASH & Vice Provosts’ Offices

Head of HR: Ronnie Davidson

Vice-Provost (Research, Innovation and Global Engagement)

Gillian Thompson

Vice-Provost (Education and Student Experience)

Gillian Thompson

Vice-Provost (Faculties)

Gillian Thompson

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Shalrina Alcantara

Faculty of Laws

Shalrina Alcantara

Faculty of S&HS

Craig Orr


Shalrina Alcantara