UCL Human Resources



Accessing MyHR

How do I access MyHR and Employee Self Service?
  • The link to access MyHR can be found on the MyHR page.
  • If accessing MyHR remotely, you will need to use either the UCL VPN, or Desktop@UCL Anywhere. You can find guides on the UCL VPN and Desktop @ UCL Anywhere pages, or contact One Desk for assistance.
  • Once you log in to MyHR, click on the three white horizontal lines on the top left corner of the screen, this will open the menu where you will be able to select ‘UCL Employee Self Service’.
  • If you are a casual worker, you will not have access to Employee Self Service.
  • If you hold a substantive post and you do not have Employee Self Service access, please contact One Desk. 
How do I get access to other MyHR modules?

The following modules are automatically assigned and do not need to be requested:

  • Employee Self Service
  • Manager Self Service

The following modules are restricted to authorised individuals:

  • Self Service Administrator
  • Department Transactions (prerequisite training also applies to this module)
  • Payment Approver
  • Departmental Read Only Access
  • MyHR Reports (OBIEE)

To request access to the above modules, please complete the appropriate MyHR access form.

Annual Leave  

How is annual leave entitlement calculated for part-time workers?

Part-time staff are entitled to the pro-rata equivalent of 27 days annual leave, 8 days public and statutory days and 6 UCL closure days per year. MyHR will make these adjustments automatically based on the work pattern.

See the UCL Annual Leave Policy for further information on how to calculate pro-rata entitlement.

How do I calculate my remaining leave when it is displayed in hours?

Your remaining leave will vary depending on your work pattern. You can view your work pattern in Inside UCL, within the ‘My details’ section.

If you are unsure how to calculate your remaining annual leave, or believe your entitlement has been calculated incorrectly, please contact One Desk.

How do I cancel annual leave that is future dated?

Login to MyHR > UCL Employee Self Service > My Absence > Absence Management, and then click the 'Delete' button against the relevant entry row.

How do I cancel annual leave (in the past) that was not taken?

Your Line Manager, or local HR administrator are able to do this. Please refer to the ‘Deletion of Historical Absence’ guidance on the MyHR user guides and online training page.

Payslips and Payments

How do I access my payslip in MyHR?

You can access your payslips in MyHR > UCL Employee Self Service > My Pay > UCL Online Payslip. You can also access your payslips in Inside UCL, within the ‘My details’ section.

How do I access my P60s in MyHR?

You can access your P60s (from April 2020 or later) in MyHR > UCL Employee Self Service > My Pay > P60

Can I view my Spine Point in MyHR?

Spine Point details are not available in MyHR Employee Self Service. You can access your Spine Point information in Inside UCL, within the ‘My details’ section.

How do I access my old (pre-MyHR) payslips?

Historic payslips (dating back to April 2013) were migrated into MyHR. You can access these via MyHR > UCL Employee Self Service > My Pay > MyView Payslips. If you require an historical payslip (dated before 2013), please contact One Desk.

How do I access my old (pre-MyHR) P60s?

Historic P60s (April 2019 or earlier) were not migrated into MyHR. If you require historic P60s, please contact One Desk.

The tax code on my payslip doesn't look right, what do I do?

If you think your tax code may be incorrect, please contact HMRC. You will need the UCL tax office reference number which can be found on the Tax and National Insurance page. You will also need your National Insurance number when you contact HMRC. HMRC also have some guidance on tax codes on the GOV.UK website. If you need further assistance with your query, please contact One Desk.


Where can I find support and user guides for MyHR?

Guidance is available in video and document format throughout the MyHR user guides and online training page.


I need personal contact details for a member of my team, how do I get hold of this?

Due to GDPR regulations, personal contact details for staff are not usually permitted to be supplied. Please contact your local HR contact to discuss.

What is a Work Pattern?

Your work pattern shows how your contractual hours are split across the days of the week. A standard working pattern for a full-time employee at UCL is 7.3 hours per day, which is 36.5 hours a week. However, some employees have agreed arrangements for compressed hours, flexible working or part time hours.

How do I change my Work Pattern?

If you wish to change your work pattern within your existing contracted hours, this should be discussed and agreed with your Line Manager, before submitting a request to change your work pattern in MyHR Self Service, for your Line Manager to approve.

The MyHR menu item is located under UCL Employee Self Service > My Employment Information > Work Pattern (at the bottom of the menu).


Where do I access OBIEE Reports?

For information on how to access the OBIEE Reports, you may find it useful to review the OBIEE Reports Instruction Manual. This manual illustrates where you may access reports, in a screen-by-screen layout.