UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering


Engagement in action

The kinds of open-ended, curiosity-driven conversations that these activities spark help to enrich our own research by challenging our perceived knowledge and contributing new perspectives.

Below are some examples of our public engagement activity. 

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2019

Royal Society

The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition is a week-long festival celebrating the cutting-edge of UK science. Two teams from UCL exhibited their research at the 2019 event. REANIMATE, from the Institute of Healthcare Engineering, gave the public the opportunity to explore and understand virtual cancerous tumours. Read more.

Science of Surgery 2019

Science of Surgery

In April 2019, the Wellcome/EPSRC Centre for Interventional & Surgical Sciences (WEISS) welcomed over 300 members of the public to 'Science of Surgery' a fun-filled, interactive afternoon of activities demonstrating how science and engineering at the centre are changing surgery. Read more.

New Scientist Live 2017

NS Live 2017

In September 2017, the Institute of Healthcare Engineering team headed to London ExCel to share our research with attendees at New Scientist Live. Our stall received more than 3,000 visitors over four days. The centrepiece was the KUKA robotic arm, which is being used to develop new surgical interventions. Read more.