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Engaging with others

Engagement and outreach activities are one of the many ways we can improve healthcare outcomes. The IHE Engagement Delivery Group exists to support the IHE’s core mission of facilitating meaningful knowledge exchange between community members, patients, academics, end-users, healthcare professionals, policy makers, and industry partners. Our vision is to support socially responsible engagement practices and research in healthcare engineering.
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IHE Impact Fellowship

The Impact Fellowship is a scheme that trains and guides researchers to build their engagement skills and grow their network beyond university walls.

Winners of the OhPod podcast engagement series

IHE Engagement Awards

We're recognising excellence in public engagement within our healthcare engineering and digital health community with our Engagement Awards. 

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Health in a Handbasket Podcast

What on earth is Healthcare Engineering? In this podcast, we're breaking down healthcare engineering and showing the incredible ways we're changing the world.

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IHE Small Grants Fund

We're offering up to £500 to support UCL researchers carrying out public engagement activities related to healthcare engineering. 

Global Symposium discussion

Global Partnerships

We're always looking for new ways to work with others - here's how we're working with global universities and institutions. 

Public engagement | Metabolight team

Engagement Delivery Group

The IHE Engagement Delivery Group drives our engagement and co-creation activities. Find out ways you can support/join.

Our community partners

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Our affiliated centres and partners

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Our Engagement Stories

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