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Science of Surgery

Science of Surgery welcomed over 200 public visitors to WEISS on 11 May to take part in interactive activities exploring how research across the centre advancing modern surgery & interventions.


On 11 May 2022, the Wellcome/EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences (WEISS) welcomed over 200 members of the public to ‘Science of Surgery’, a fun filled, interactive afternoon of activities demonstrating how science and engineering at the centre is changing surgery.

Taking place inside Charles Bell House, the hub for WEISS research, the event featured sixteen different activity stations organised across major research areas and covering a wide range of topics, including sensors, imaging, 3D printing and robotics.

Read our full evaluation report from 2019 to learn more about our aims, activities and see even more feedback from people that developed and attended.

These included magic tricks to demonstrate the tricky nature of selecting and using medical data, give-it-a-go mock robotic surgery, using plastic grabbers and webcams to show the challenges of laparoscopic surgery, through to using paints to replicate cell samples and chances to use a real da Vinci system!

“Absolutely amazing, staff were wonderful, approachable and knowledgeable, thank you” Science of Surgery Visitor

Over 200 people visited Science of Surgery over a packed four hours, with almost 50% of respondents living in Camden and neighbouring boroughs, with the highest concentration of visitors being from Camden and Harringay. The event attracted a wide range of ages, from younger children and teenagers to parents and older people. The centre was able to reach people beyond usual university networks partly through conversations with local community groups and schools who helped to promote Science of Surgery locally. 

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The activities were developed by each of the WEISS major ‘platform’ research projects, with a dedicated activity lead from each project's team managing their response and bringing together over 50 members of the centre on the day to take part. By designing the activities to be interactive and fun, event staff were able to break down concepts for younger visitors while discussing research themes with those looking for more detail. 

The event was organised by the WEISS Public Engagement team, Simon Watt and Phil Wiles. The event is part of a varied public engagement programme at the centre, giving the opportunity for centre staff to develop research communication skills while providing a platform for the centre to reach out to local organisations. If you would like to hear more about Science of Surgery, or public engagement at WEISS, please contact our Public Engagement Manager, Simon Watt or Public Engagement Co-ordinator Phil Wiles

Read our full evaluation report here (2019 event) or contact Phil Wiles for a hard copy.