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The UCLH Safe Air Study

Shortly after the start of the pandemic, researchers from WEISS and Mechanical Engineering joined forces to start the UCL COvid aNd FacE maSkS (CONFESS) study, which aimed to establish whether wearing facemasks would help prevent droplet spread during singing, chanting and humming. This has now developed into the Safe Air study which is investigating how we can make rooms (such as hospital consulting rooms) safer for patients and healthcare staff.

These webpages will give you up to date information on recent study progress, including any associated publications.  

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Study background

Learn more about the research being done as part of the UCLH Safe Air Study

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Future implications for the NHS

Find out more about the potential healthcare implications of this research

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Read our latest publications from the CONFESS and UCLH Safe Air studies

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Team and collaborators

Meet the team and collaborators that are part of the UCL Safe Air Study