UCL Institute of Health Informatics



CALIBER has developed a research platform for addressing a wide range of research questions at early phases of discovery and innovation and at later, applied stages of translation into healthcare. CALIBER offers approaches relevant to the understanding of the onset and progression of any (or all) diagnosed diseases and syndromes across the lifespan. 

Research themes

The CALIBER programme has supported innovative research spanning rare and common clinical conditions (including cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, cognitive impairment, mental health and infection) and development of novel methods and tools, including machine learning to improve health and healthcare.

To date, CALIBER has supported 72 research projects and scores of publications, which have ranged from:

  • Rare Mendelian and common diseases
  • Newborns or nonagenarians (and every age in between)
  • Discovery of drug targets, disease mechanisms and precision medicine
  • Quality and outcomes of patient care
  • Cost-effectiveness of care
  • Health protection, disease prevention and public health
  • Development and application of methods from disciplines including informatics, bioinformatics, computer science, biostatistics, mathematics

A list of current projects and research areas (conditions) is available here:

Key publications from the programme can be found here.