UCL Institute of Health Informatics



The Institute of Health Informatics comprises seven groups that reflect its research, educational and operational aims.
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Public Health Data Science

To equitably improve the health of the public through the application of data science, public health research and multi-disciplinary working to high volume and complex health data.



To advance human health through the application of data science and human genetics research to large scale genomic data, completing the translational cycle from genetic discovery to clinical translation. 

Hospital staff

Translational Data Science

To bring healthcare professionals, scientists and public together to improve healthcare through novel uses of diverse data sources that generate real-world data.

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To build robust and accurate definitions of human health and disease characteristics.

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

To apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to problems in health and healthcare.

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Operational and Research Support

To enable and support the research and educational mission and vision of the Institute of Health Informatics.