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To advance human health through human genetics and data science, completing the translational cycle from genetic discovery through to clinical translation.

We are a community of genetic epidemiologists, statistical geneticists, data scientists, and clinicians working at the intersection of genomics and data science. We aim to better understand the determinants of disease using genetic approaches and to translate these insights into the clinic in the form of improved diagnosis, risk prediction, and therapeutics.

Genomic discovery using electronic health records

To support genomic discovery, we enrich electronic health record-linked genomic resources through the application of innovative approaches to EHR phenotyping, including longitudinal and cluster analysis. We coordinate the Genomics England EHR GeCIP and are developing a set of tools to facilitate researchers to facilitate phenomic research in GeL and UK Biobank. 

Translating genomic insights to patient impact

We support the NIHR UCLH BRC AboutMe project which seeks to complete the translational cycle from genomic discovery to clinical impact in routine care. This initiative is developing new methods to embed genomic data within routine care and to return clinically meaningful insights to patients and their caregivers. In addition, we are developing and applying novel approaches to identify rare disease phenotypes from EHR to prioritise and inform sequence analysis. 

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