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The UCL Institute of Health Informatics aims to harness electronic health records in their broadest sense for research to improve health and healthcare. We seek to create a more effective research e-infrastructure for healthcare data, making better use of electronic records and enabling more informed decision making by patients and professionals.

At the UCL Institute of Health Informatics, we exploit synergies in health informatics across inter-related areas. A central focus of our research is developing underpinning methods to exploit the scale and phenotypic resolution of electronic health records which will accelerate early and late phase translational research. 

Investigators carrying out translational research are using health data to discover new disease mechanisms, drug targets, diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, trial new interventions, assess the quality and outcomes of care as well as challenge approaches to public health.

Other investigators come from a ‘big data’ tradition; they carry out research that allows the data to ‘speak for themselves.’ Some are focused on using applications of computing, including the internet and mobile communication technologies, to improve and potentially transform the nature and delivery of healthcare.

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Health Research Data UK

Bringing together institutes, partnerships, data and expertise to make large scale improvements to people's lives.

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A unique research platform consisting of ‘research ready’ variables extracted from linked electronic health records.

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Public Health Data Science

PHDS explores health and wellbeing, homelessness, and migration in several major collaborative grants.
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A national study which explores COVID-19 infections in care homes, led by IHI's Professor Laura Shallcross, MBE.

A computer screen shows clinical codes and other medical data matched to clinical notes about covid.

UCL-THIN Long Covid Study

Using GP patient records to improve our understanding of Long Covid for earlier diagnoses and better care.

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Healthcare Informatics, Genomics/Omics, Data Science (HIGODS) studies and delivers patient-centred analytics.

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Clinical Research Informatics Unit

UCLH/UCL CRIU works to develop a robust environment and infrastructure for clinical data analysis.

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Improving patient outcomes and reducing societal burden of heart diseases via data-driven translational research.

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Preserving Antibiotics through Safe Stewardship (PASS) studies and aims to improve the use of antibiotics in healthcare.