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Translational Health Data Science (THDS)

The THDS group brings together institutes, partnerships, data and expertise to make large scale improvements to people's lives.

Patient data in a clinical context is at the forefront of world class health informatics. The THDS group has established close collaborations and networks with a wide range of healthcare providers to move towards a learning health system. This system is where knowledge generation processes are embedded in daily practice to produce continual improvements in care. The THDS group is at the interface between academia, hospitals and primary care. Its aims include: identifying the most pressing problems in clinical care and designing innovative data-driven solutions to these problems, in collaboration with clinicians, patients, statisticians, computer scientists and experts in behavioural and implementation science; and building capacity in the analysis of healthcare datasets through training, education and research. 



Launched in 2017, BigData@Heart is a five-year project of the Innovative Medicines Initiative, which is an EU consortium consisting of patient networks, learned societies, SMEs, pharma companies and academia.

Clinical Research Informatics Unit

Clinical Research Informatics Unit (CRIU)

CRIU's team of clinicians, AI researchers, software developers, data scientists and business intelligence analysts work together to develop a robust environment and infrastructure for the analysis of clinical data.

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DISC Study

The Digital Inequalities in South Asians with Cardiometabolic Disease study looks at inequalities in the use of digital health interventions, such as websites and phone apps, for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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Health Research Data UK (HDR UK)

HDR UK is closely linked with IHI and unites UK health data and expertise to make discoveries that improve people’s lives at scale. Our partnerships connect universities and institutes across six research sites.

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The Healthcare Informatics, Genomics/Omics, Data Science (HIGODS) theme aims to deliver patient-centred analytics across a wide range of clinical records to improve the efficiency of healthcare and drug discovery.



STIMULATE-ICP is conducting the largest trial for long COVID to date and aims to improve diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. This is a major new consortium of over 30 experts from over 30 organisations.

A computer screen shows clinical codes and other medical data matched to clinical notes about covid.

UCL-THIN Long Covid Study

UCL, in collaboration with The Health Improvement Network (THIN), a Cegedim company, is carrying out a study on long Covid, using information in GP patient records to improve our understanding and improve care.

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VIVALDI is a national study launched to investigate COVID-19 infections in care homes, led by Institute of Health Informatics Professor Laura Shallcross MBE. The study launched in June 2020 and will run until 31 March 2023.