UCL Grand Challenges


Grand Challenges UCL 2034 Grants

In 2016, the Grand Challenges awarded eight grants for projects aligned to UCL 2034, the Provost's 20-year institutional development strategy for UCL.

10 September 2021

Applications Closed 

Applications closed at 23.59 on 20 January 2021

Purpose of the scheme

UCL 2034 Grand Challenges
Each of the Grand Challenges UCL 2034 Grant awards supported the goals of UCL 2034, UCL's 20-year institutional development strategy.

Awards of up to £10,000 were available for co-production activity between researchers in different UCL faculties, or between UCL and external partners (academic or non-academic). 

The awards supported cross-disciplinary, collaborative, outwardly facing activities, which would develop Principal Theme 3 of the UCL 2034 strategy, ‘Addressing global challenges’, while also supporting the development of at least one of the other principal themes.

UCL 2034 Principal Themes

1. Academic leadership
2. Integration of research and education
3. Addressing global challenges
4. Accessible and publicly engaged
5. London’s Global University
6. Delivering global impact

Grand Challenges Priority Themes

Case studies

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