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Delivering global impact

We will enhance our international profile by developing a reputation as a university that delivers outcomes with impact for communities, and that listens, learns, helps to build capacity and adds long-term value through our international activities and presence. We intend to focus much of our new international activity on countries in the ‘Global South and East’.

Our emphasis will be on using our expertise to develop shared solutions to global problems by working in partnership with governments, international business and industry, NGOs and the health and social care and higher education systems of other countries. We will build on our status as a world-leading university to develop a reputation for being a partner committed to invest in creating the mutual trust and respect essential to long-term international collaborations.

We also envisage this style of working with high-quality international HEI partners in five to eight major cities around the world in a way that builds upon our current (bottom-up) collaborative academic activities and our Grand Challenge expertise, but that creates additional opportunities when supported by institutional-level collaboration. The aim is to develop enduring partnerships with breadth and depth across a range of academic activities integrating education, research and innovation.

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