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About us

We believe in the power of collaboration to change the world for the better. Find out how we're sparking new partnerships and enabling cross-disciplinary research.

What are the UCL Grand Challenges?

We believe that solutions to the biggest problems facing humanity rarely come from one field alone. Complex issues such as climate change, inequality, and improving mental health and wellbeing, demand holistic solutions. To do this, we need to bring together experts from across the full spectrum of academic disciplines, and enable them to collaborate, share ideas and insight, and work together to develop practical responses that recognise and respond to the complexity of our world and experiences. This cross-disciplinary approach sits at the heart of the UCL Grand Challenges programme, and enables us to harness UCL's strength and expertise to make a real contribution to our community.

Now in its 16th year, the Grand Challenges programme is evolving to enable more and greater partnerships, both within the university and beyond, building networks with partners in industry, policy and communities to increase our impact and equip the next generation of students and researchers with the skills they need to tackle the issues facing humanity.

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Our themes

Learn more about our two new themes - Climate Crisis and Mental Health and Wellbeing - and our work in areas including Global Health, Sustainable Cities and Justice and Equality

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The Team

Meet the people behind the UCL Grand Challenges

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Our Impacts

Read our case studies, listen to our podcasts, and learn how we have supported over 400 projects to make a difference