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London’s Global University: in London, of London and for London

UCL is committed to becoming a global leader in knowledge exchange, enterprise and open innovation with societal impact. Our relationship with London is central to this commitment.

We will bring our profile as London’s Global University and our international connectivity to bear on establishing UCL at the centre of a cluster of organisations that will make London the premier destination for higher education, research and innovation in the world. We recognise our role in making London a better place to live and work in for all, and in promoting and contributing to social equity and environmental sustainability in our capital city.

We will form our partnerships based on excellence and merit, not status. We will expect them to be exemplars in promoting the influence of a global university, with transformational impact and global reach.

London is a centre of government, policymaking and knowledge-based professions. UCL already has numerous links with these groups that inform our research, innovation and education activities. We will continue to develop and enrich these, ensuring that our staff and students are better able to  make a difference to the life of the city and its role in global society.

We will help London craft a post-Olympic legacy that generates jobs, supports communities and drives the economy. Our ambition is that by 2034, London will be the global leader in building the interrelationship between higher education, research, innovation and economic prosperity and societal wellbeing.

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