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An accessible, publicly engaged organisation that fosters a lifelong community

UCL has a proud history of being the first university in England to be open to all, irrespective of race or religion, and the first to admit women on an equal basis. We will continue to seek out those students best able to benefit from, and contribute to, our thriving intellectual community, regardless of their background and circumstances.

We will admit a diverse group of talented students with proven ability or clear potential from low-income families, care backgrounds, low participation neighbourhoods, from black and minority ethnic groups, or with a disability. We will work closely with schools in London, and elsewhere in the UK, to help raise aspirations and to identify individuals in target groups that might come to UCL.

We will continue to support the UCL Academy and ensure its success. We recognise that our efforts in outreach, aspiration-raising and widening participation must be long-term. We will seek funds for scholarships and bursaries to help support home/EU and international students from low-income backgrounds to come to UCL.

We recognise our responsibility to contribute effectively to society and our local community and encourage a dialogue that will inform our activities. We will be permeable to, and interactive with, the public and all those that support us – particularly our friends and alumni. We will continue to enhance our leadership position in public engagement, both locally in London and further afield, and our distinctive collections and museums will be a central element of this endeavour.

As our students graduate, we will encourage them to remain engaged with their university and continue their lifelong learning. We would like our 200,000+ alumni and our friends to continue to be proud of UCL and act as our ambassadors, and to help in supporting our current students and recent graduates as they, in turn, start on their journey into the wider world. We will also remain in close contact with our former academic and research staff and elicit their support in pursuing our strategic objectives.

Regular interaction with this lifelong community of alumni, the public and other supporters will function in a virtuous cycle. As we engage with, inform and develop such communities, they will, in turn, recognise our added value and continue to enrich us by improving our impact and reputation and strengthening our external engagement and partnerships – including those with business, the public sector and policymakers.

If we are to achieve our strategy and objectives, we will also need to enlist the help of our alumni, other long-standing friends and key stakeholders in ongoing philanthropic support of UCL. We need to grow our endowment funds and project-based support with a major philanthropic campaign, which we intend to be among the largest conducted in Europe. In the time frame of 2034 and beyond, philanthropic support will be fundamentally important to the future success of UCL.

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Sarah Fortais - Donor Wall - Photo Hydar Dewachi

Image: Public Art at UCL. The "Donor Wall" by Sarah Fortais. Photo credit:  Hydar Dewachi

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