UCL 2034


A global leader in the integration of research and education

We will inspire our students at every level – undergraduate (UG), postgraduate taught (PGT) and postgraduate research (PGR) – and equip them with the  knowledge and skills that they need to contribute significantly to society and be leaders of the future in their chosen field and profession. All our students and staff will be seen as collaborative members of our university community, with a shared interest in the future of UCL.

Our students will participate in the research process and the creation of knowledge, supported by our academic and research staff. They will understand the ‘edge of knowledge’ and learn how to deal with uncertainty. Through this integrated approach, they will develop their critical independent thinking skills, become confident problem solvers, be well versed in communicating complex information and experienced at working in a team. With these skills, our graduates will excel in the workplace and be highly valued contributors across all walks of life.

All aspects of the student experience at UCL should be truly outstanding. UCL will differentiate itself through an offer that explores how the creation and application of knowledge contributes to the resolution of the world’s ‘grand challenges’. Students will be attracted to UCL as a university that navigates the most pressing contemporary issues and explores how to synthesise and exploit disciplinary expertise in pursuit of knowledge and solutions to global problems. An innovative UCL education will prepare our students for a globalised world through studies of cultural diversity, global citizenship and leadership and a modern foreign language.

Our students will be inspired by interaction with our world-class library, distinctive collections and museums in their learning. We will continue to innovate in education, introduce new teaching methodologies and offer new programmes.

We also place a high priority on the extracurricular development of our students through volunteering, entrepreneurship, participation in community activities including clubs and societies, social and sports activities, student democracy and campaigns and representation, in partnership with the UCL students’ union (UCLU).

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Sophie Scott at the Science of Laughter

Image: Sophie Scott, The Science of Laughter. Credit: Belinda Lawley

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