UCL Grand Challenges


Grand Impacts Exhibition

The exhibition explores themes, partnerships and ideas generated by this unique initiative, celebrates the history and achievements to date, and explores the evolution of the of the UCL Grand Challenges.

Organised in collaboration with UCL Grand Challenges and UCL Museums and Cultural Programmes, the exhibition features a thematic exploration of work supported by Grand Challenges and highlights the range of impacts generated.

A series of case studies showcase the diversity of ideas, themes, partnerships, and the recognition that impactful solutions to societal challenges rarely come from one field alone. The exhibition invites you to learn about their work so far and to think about how UCL’s Grand Challenges might inspire or amplify your innovative and disruptive thinking. Find out more about the projects on display and the people who make the Grand Challenges possible.

The Grand Challenges, Grand Impacts Exhibition ran from 7 February to 26 May 2023. Find out more about the projects that were exhibited below.

Exhibition themes



Catalysing Research

We want to support the growth of new research partnerships and enable collaboration across disciplines. From seed funding to networking, workshops and mentoring, here are some of the ways we make change happen.

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Informing Decision Makers

We’re working to get research in front of policy partners, and support the development of evidence based policy through roundtables, parliamentary commissions and more.

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Engaging Communities

Working with communities across the UK and beyond to ensure our research reflects the needs of the people it affects through co-production, community engagement and citizen science initiatives.

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Creating New Platforms

Build the community you want to be part of. Creating space for new research collaborations, sparking new conversations and facilitating innovation.

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From pilot projects to grassroots innovation, we want to get your idea off the ground. Find out more about how we support research startups.

Image of Hope the Lego Suffragette on display

Challenging the Status Quo

UCL’s radical history is also our radical future. Our disruptive thinking is re-evaluating how we approach issues as diverse as healthcare, social justice, technology and more.