UCL Grand Challenges


Creating New Platforms

Creating New Platforms is one of six themes in the Grand Challenges, Grand impacts exhibition.

Build the community you want to be part of. Creating space for new research collaborations, sparking new conversations and facilitating innovation.

Featured case studies


Paralympicopolis: A Pop Up Global Disability Innovation Hub

A UCL 2034 grant-funded Grand Challenges Human Wellbeing project.

Stack of books

Centre for Behaviour Change

Harnessing cross-disciplinary expertise to address social, health and environmental challenges.

European flags

European Voices

A portal showcasing UCL’s rich links to Europe: from research and teaching, partnerships and engagement, to student, staff and alumni ties to the continent. Image credit ArtJazz/iStock.

Bubbles showing number of languages spoken by UCL community

UCL Bi/Multilingualism Information and Education Service

Small grant awarded by Grand Challenges Cultural Understanding in 2016.

Firepeople outside a collapsed building

The Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR)

The IRDR aims to achieve leadership in risk, disaster reduction and emergency response both in the UK and internationally.

multiple musical instruments displayed in a row

Music Futures

Building a cross-disciplinary network dedicated to thinking, writing, performing and exploring music. 

Green space in a public park

Climate Action Unit

The Climate Action Unit works to change how scientists, policymakers, businesses, media, civil society organisations and citizens engage with each other about climate change.